A breath of fresh air from Hollywood

I thought everyone would appreciate seeing this.


That’s pretty amazing coming from hollywood. Great to hear an actor like this has religious strength. It takes some serious courage to throw away jobs for your faith.

big smile

I enjoyed him in Minority Report. I had no idea he had Catholic principles. Good for him!

Its funny too that a raunchy show like Desperate Housewives was able to honor his wishes and values, but Scoundrels cannot?

I looked at your topic, with reference to Hollywood, and, want to note that the Casino which is being built near Toledo, Ohio, is called and themed Hollywood. :confused: Could have been “Lake Erie Casino” or “Glass City Casino” or “Northwest Ohio Casino” … what exactly is on the hearts and minds of the developers? Just something else threatening family life.

Good deal! Very happy for him. :slight_smile:

Way to go, Neal McDonough!!!

He’s such a good actor, with such a unique look, that he won’t lack for work.

Actually, my favorite movie with him is “Angels in the outfield”, but I liked “Minority Report” too.

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