A bribe to offer


In The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 17 Verse 8 states:
A man who has a bribe to offer rates it a magic stone;
at every turn it brings him success.
Please explain.



…ever noticed how those in power (wealth, government, celebrity status…) seem to never have to own up/be held responsible for the evil/corrupt acts that they engage in?

…a person who is able to bribe others (money, power, information, sex…) tends to think that he/she has a magic stone which will always secure/produce the things for which he/she lusts.

Maran atha!



These days we call them political lobbyists.


I think the above poster answered it pretty well, but for future reference I find this to be very helpful: biblehub.com/commentaries/proverbs/17-8.htm


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