A Brief History Of Juanita Broaddrick, The Woman Accusing Bill Clinton Of Rape




Her interview raises a lot of red flags. First, she agreed to meet him for coffee in her hotel room. That’s a red flag right there.

She said she resisted his advances, but soon he pulled her back onto the bed and forcibly had sex with her. She said she did not scream because everything “happened so quickly.”

Really? There’s no time to scream? How long does it take to scream? How long does it take to kiss, throw on a bed, remove some clothing and rape someone?

1992, she was hounded by reporters. She said “These allegations are untrue.”

How did all these reporters know about this incident? She said she only told her friend. There is no indication from this article that the friend went to the press. Then she says the alleged rape is “not true.”

She said that “Clinton did not try to influence her.”


Then she said

Hillary Clinton tried to intimidate her


Why didn’t she say Hillary, but not Bill, tried to influence her in the first place?

Broaddrick said that weeks after the alleged rape, she met Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser for Bill Clinton.

:eek: Why is she going to a fundraiser for her “rapist”? Huge red flag!

Hillary Clinton allegedly thanked her for “everything you are doing in Bill’s campaign.”

So she was working to get her rapist elected to some office? Why? She didn’t need the job. She was a nurse. Why was she doing all this work for the man who callously raped her and bit her lip, to boot?!

As Broaddrick tells it, she tried to leave the event but Hillary Clinton grabbed her arm and told her, “Do you understand everything you do?” Broaddrick took that as a threat that implied she should keep quiet.

I obviously wasn’t there, but that doesn’t sound very threatening. :hmmm:


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