A bright light while praying the rosary?


Was it holy Mary? Me and my friends where doing 200 decades of the rosary in our hotel room in medjugorji 8 months ago about halfway through this bright light appeared and it started to grow bigger I got so afraid I started crying and covered my eyes saying “please holy Mary if it’s you don’t appear I’m too afraid” I’ve never felt fear like it in my entire life then the light went away I don’t know why I was afraid now I feel stupid because what if it was holy Mary and I told her to go away My freinds got upset with me too because they didn’t want the light to go away I guess we’ll never know who or what it was do you think it was Mary or the devil trying to trick us


Might have been car headlights in the distance.


Hmm maybe exept it was in a hotel room idk what it was tbh


Do you know anything about the hotel owners?

Because, many people in that area of the world now earn their living on these ‘apparitions’. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy or anything, but some individuals in that area may have taken it upon themselves to ‘make sure’ the visions continue.

I’ve never heard of a true Marian apparition inspiring terror. If it was something that is supposed to be shared, God will not let it be ignored. And, just to cover all bases, just keep praying, and Satan won’t have a chance with you. God Bless!


Please remember that that the local Bishops Commission declared there is no evidence of any supernatural happenings at Medjugorie.
Before anyone jumps in and says no decision has been made yet because it is in the hands of the CDF that is not correct. A decision has been made by the local Bishops and that decision stands valid and in force unless the CDF overturns it, which I think is highly unlikely.


True. I should have thought of the fact that two bishops have found nothing supernatural concerning the ‘apparitions’. However, it has been acknowledged that people are still going to visit, and they need pastoral care. So far, the most recent investigation has said nothing, but has sent someone to oversee pastoral care for pilgrims. I know it may not help now (as you have returned), but, to anyone who has any kinds of visions should speak first to a priest. If you still have questions, you should probably speak to your own pastor.


What so medjugorji is fake!!!???


I read that St Pio was one day hearing confession from a strange man and suddenly becoming suspicious he asked the man to say “long live Jesus and Mary” and the ‘man’ disappeared.

I’ve heard that some people say “Jesus and Mary save souls.”

If you’re ever confronted by an apparition you might say one of these things, if they are truly of the light they will respond correctly I would think. Even St Bernadette Soubirous was apprehensive when seeing Our Lady in France. We should be cautious and test the apparition.


Not necessarily. I was just saying that you may have been caught up by emotion, or manipulated by someone with a financial interest in the place. You should have spoken to a priest concerning your experience. Now that you are home, if it still bothers you, you should speak to your own pastor.

Not all that is believed is true. You don’t have to believe in any apparitions. The opinion of the local bishop is very important in discerning the validity of such apparitions.


Surprised…this thread is still open!
But, staying on the last subject…about finance…I doubt we’ll ever get any benefit out of these visions, if, in fact, they were ever valid. So many people, in the area and out, have gotten so caught up in things financial that it’s going to be difficult to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ fruits. In fact, there is a whole new generation coming of age, who can’t even remember the beginning, but who will always be based, as they have been raised reaping the financial fruits.

To translate my ramblings: There are a lot of young people growing up, whose families are living on the fruits of the tourism, pilgrim accommodations, and trinkets being sold for the site. Quite understandably, they have never been given a critical view of the whole so-called ‘phenomena’. “Biting the hands that feed them” may never occur to them at all. Nowadays, that would even include the children and grandchildren of the visionaries themselves!


I mentioned medjugorji to a fellow parishioner and she said she had a slightly spiritual experience there, she also mentioned the dancing sun but told me it’s a natural phenomena which is sometimes visible there. I have no real opinion on it as I have no personal knowledge of the place.

It’s interesting though.


I’m sorry, I don’t have a link to it…but, an early interview with one of the bishops did mention a pink light, that has been appearing for a very long time. Although neither bishop linked it to the apparition, in this interview, it was acknowledged.

So, maybe a natural occurrence? On the thread that was recently closed, I did link to a 2005-2006 thread, where an optometrist mentioned treating people who had been told to ‘stare at the sun’ . I hope that isn’t going on anymore!


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