A Bruised Reed....

I’d like to start a new thread where each one could freely share personal insights and reflections or faith experiences relative to the particular quoted scriptural verse. I would really be very interested to learn about your faith experiences. I’ll start out with this one. Here goes…

"A bruised reed he shall not break,
and a smoldering wick he shall not quench… "
(Is 42:3)

Do I waver in my commitment with Jesus?

Looking back through all my years of apostolate, were it not for the countless graces that the Lord has heaped upon me, I could have easily and entirely turned my back from my resolve to follow and imitate Him. It is always a struggle to follow Jesus. Like a reed that has been terribly bruised by the typhoons, storms and sins of my life, I am still here, bended perhaps but not broken. It is God’s amazing grace that is holding me, grasping me, making me whole again and again after having been scathed and wounded; straightened up after having been bent by iniquities committed before Him.

When I decided to follow Him, I decided to do so despite the rough and bumpy road ahead of me; despite the potholes and the numerous humps that makes traveling very uncomfortable; despite the tricky signs along the way that sends me on the wrong direction at times. Whenever this happens He always manage to lead me back to the same road He had willed me to follow.

In following Jesus, we always have the choice to turn all these difficulties and discomfort in our journey into blessings that will make our travelling less burdensome and more enjoyably fun. We can always sing of the glories of our Creator and relish the beauty of the countryside, the sceneries, the breath of fresh air, the grass in the fields - all God’s creations. We can always gather the flowers that grow along the roadside and weave a crown out of them and offer them to Jesus. It would at least mitigate the pain of the crown of thorns that was placed on His head one Friday morning.

When I decided to commit the remaining years of my life in the service of Jesus, I have decided to abandon myself in His arms, for Him to do with me as He pleases. If I am in His arms, holding me, no harm can come to me; I will never ever waver; I will never ever go astray unless He permits it so. He can choose to put me down once in a while but I know His eyes will always be fixed upon me, watching me, lest I fall or stumble or hurt myself in the process because that is how He loves me and takes care of me.

Come to think of it. If everybody would only learn to abandon themselves in Jesus’ arms, the world would be a better place to live in…


Dear Jesus, thank you so much for sustaining me all these years as I struggle to follow and imitate Your ways. Thank you for the love, understanding and mercy that You always show me despite my weaknesses, faults and limitations. You have always been so patient with me. You are my refuge, my light and my salvation. And because indeed You are all these to me I need never fear for You are always at my side guiding me. I praise and I love You Lord. Grant that I may always love You as You deserve. Amen.


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