A.C.T.S. Retreats?


Hi All!! Has anyone ever heard of / participated in an A.C.T.S Retreat? My brother just went on one and absolutely loved it!!! :extrahappy:


Hmm. Never heard of it. We have CRHP here. What is ACTS?


I had never heard of it but I found this link www.holytrinitysat.org/actsretreat It looks interesting. Also, i think there was another link about it.


Your hot link did not function… said web page no longer there. Try again?


I believe it originated in San Antonio Tx… didn’t it? After the famous Crusillo Movement. It is a lot like the Crusillo. I went to both and they are both very spiritual retreats…


several threads on the spirituality form, check there for those with direct experience of ACTS. They are growing in popularity here in parishes that desire to renew a spirit of discipleship and service among parishioners and have been highly successful. It also implies a commitment beyond the retreat.


My mother and father both went on ACTS retreats and loved it. Highly recommended!!



Check out this link. I have attended CRHP and Cursillo…this was even better. My husband had 3 or 4 priests attending his ACTS retreat and they said it was the best retreat they had ever been on (some were even in their 60s!) and have brought it to their home parishes.

I would rate it: “not to be missed”

God bless!
with Praise and Thanksgiving!:thumbsup:


ACTS stands for
They are very spiritual retreats that last about three days.
During these three days the retreatants as well as the
team members share in a very personal and spiritual journey.
We are not allowed to share what happens during these
retreats but anyone who is given the opportunity to go should not hesitate at the chance!


I went to an ACTS retreat 2 years ago. It was wonderful! All I can say is that you will not be disappointed. :slight_smile:


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