A CAF thank you


I’ve been here for a few years now. As many of you probably are aware, my family isn’t exactly a model of stability. I’ve been on CAF a bit over 6 years now, and one thing I’ve come to appreciate is a bit of sense on dealing with them. It’s been a struggle because much of the advice given to young adults isn’t really aimed at people like me.

I had to come to the conclusion that my mother is willing to give me everything except respect - and that’s a hard conclusion. I’d say thank you to all the people who said there are no magic words you can use that will make someone hear what they don’t want to hear, to people who told me that parents are supposed to work towards their children becoming adults, or just reassured me that certain things weren’t actually normal.

It’s been a long journey and I’m sure I frustrated a few people on here more than once. But thanks everyone for the encouragement.


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