A Call To Consecrated Layman

Okay, so I am looking to have a Family but I am also looking to safeguard myself from the World and keep Christ close to my heart and Pro-Actively see to it that He is first on my checklist. Therefore, I have been looking for some type of 3rd or Secular Order from a Monastic Community, the problem is I need help trying to figure out which community is both local enough for me to get to and has a Charism that I can both be challenged by yet allows me to contribute my strengths too.

I have discerned that said 3rd Order ought to have a Marian Quality to it, but at the same time, I know my strength lies in the Intellect I aspire to be a Polymath and I like to write [or more to the point I draw great joy when I complete a writing assignment]. At the same time I am drawn to the Mystical Tradition of the Church.

I know that for me, I feel that when it comes to my Strengths for the Intellect I am inclined to think of either Augustinian or Dominican Orders and Mystical I think of Trappist and Carmelites, I know there are many orders, countless and I know that there are many who have a focus on The Blessed Virgin Mother.

I guess my question for you the reader is, can someone help me find a Tertiary Order that can make good on my Intellectual Strengths and Mystical Yearnings, and then of those Tertiary Orders the ones that have a focus on The Blessed Virgin Mother or Marian qualities?

My other question is, as a Consecrated Layman do I need to attend Tertiary Order Functions? If so, then I will need to Narrow down that list even more of Tertiary Orders that offer a Challenging Charism that compliments the Intellectual and Mystical Yearnings with Marian qualities that are within the NYC Area [preferably East on Long Island].

Thank You for your time. :thumbsup:

You may want to try the Order of Discalced Carmelites Secular. They are the secular branch of the Discalced Carmelite Order. Their founders were St Teresa if Avila and St John of the Cross, both whom have been proclaimed mystical Doctors of the Church. Strong Marian devotion is part of the Rule.

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