A case for celibacy for priests

CNN) – The scandal surrounding the Rev. Alberto Cutie has raised questions in the minds of many concerning the Catholic Church’s discipline of priestly celibacy. Why does the church continue to defend a practice that seems so unnatural and so unnecessary?

There is a very bad argument for celibacy, which has appeared throughout the tradition and which is, even today, defended by some. It goes something like this: Married life is spiritually suspect; priests, as religious leaders, should be spiritual athletes above reproach; therefore, priests shouldn’t be married

This approach to the question is, in my judgment, not just stupid but dangerous, for it rests on presumptions that are repugnant to solid Christian doctrine. The biblical teaching on creation implies the essential integrity of the world and everything in it. CONTINUED…cnn.com/2009/US/05/15/barron.why.celibacy/index.html?eref=time_us

It’s sad the many comments that were posted too.

how about the fact that the Church has had roughly a thousand years of it one way and the other. throw in thousands of scholars who devote their lives to trying to keep the Church right. that adds up to millions, billions, maybe trillions of man hours contemplating this. how long have you spent on it 10,20,maybe 50 years?-and probably not full time during thoose years either. how about we have some faith in Holy Mother Church and Her teachings?

I had celibacy explained to me this way. “Celibacy is a gift from God, How could you turn away a gift from God”. If your in a state of grace and have a good strong prayer life celibacy is not hard at all. I used to think it would be impossible but after living this way for awhile its very easy as long as you pray and maintain a state of grace. Another angle on this is that celibacy is not just for priests only. If your not married you should be practicing it as well. If not your sinning.

Ya but problem is we got Catholics who say we have to modernize with the world, they just ignore(or at least in my experience) pretty much the arguement you just made. and then just some examples of what some noncatholics are saying is that why they’re priest child molesting and etc.

Priestly celibacy is an issue for the Catholic Church, specifically and solely.

Media outlets like CNN, the secular world (referred to in the article as “many”), other Christian denominations, and other religious groups should not lose sleep wondering why the Catholic Church requires this grace in Her priests.

My understanding is that the Church’s position on celibacy ultimately arose and was enforced for quite secular reasons. The Church was rapidly losing property in Europe as clergy would leave it to their children. There was even a problem with the priesthood becoming a hereditary office rather than a vocation.

:thumbsup: so true! what i once thought would be impossible for me, is now a reality. only God is able to conquer what is natural and ordinary to us, by giving us His EXTRAordinary graces in the Sacraments. the hard part is persevering, but He no doubt helps you through it so long as you cling to Him, especially through his Mom.

i know the battle will only get harder, but “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” -Jesus Christ, God. (John 16:33)

prayers for a servant of God who fell from grace, and for the poor souls affected by it.

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