A Catholic Actress & "a Catholic who wore her moral spirit on her shoulder and never compromised her principles"

My friends, I give you Loretta Young.

Did you know that she was a devout Catholic? And was the godmother of Marlo Thomas?

That she refused the studio’s direct suggestion that she abort her 2nd child in order to start in another movie, and actually had to pay them back $50,000 dollars!?:eek:

This site is official and her biography is actually an inspiring testament to her Catholic faith.

I found it and just thought it would be good to share it with you.

Funny…I just remember her as a kid as that lady that always seemed to float out into the room on her show on TV. :slight_smile:

WOW!!! :eek:

that is AMAZING!!! :thumbsup:

I thought so… :slight_smile:

Miss Young was hardly a saint. She had affairs with several of her leading men, and her “adopted” daughter was really her natural daughter fathered by Clark Gable.

She was a glamorous lady, but I don’t think she was an exemplar of morality.

A Catholic actress who lived a fairly low key life and was never in any scandals was Irene Dunne.

I wondered whether it was she who had the daughter by Clark Gable, but couldn’t confirm it.

I remember her with great fondness! Too bad there are no more old black and white movies on cable. I could watch those all day.

Just watched a whole night of her movies on TCM
two weeks ago.

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