A Catholic Article: The High Price for a Woman of Not Putting Out

Ok. Do what works. The beauty of life is we can have similar experiences that yield vastly different conclusions.

In my case my wife was outside my pool in part due to her being Catholic among other things. At that time my dating pool excluded those from the more orthodox denominations among other criteria. I was also learning so much about myself during the failed dates with other people and was still redefining what were deal breakers and that a few of my previous deal breakers were really not important.

I already gave up on Catholic men years ago. As long as I struggled to find a man who would wait for marriage, it hurt terribly. But once I realized the fact that I wasn’t going to marry again, once I TRULY ACCEPTED that I was going to be celibate for the rest of my life, I could be happy again. It’s not easy. But then, married life isn’t easy either.

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