A Catholic Diocese's Statement on Transgender Students in Its Catholic Schools


The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada, has issued this policy statement as great pressure has came upon the Catholic schools there to set up an accepting transgender policy after a transgender boy who identifies as a girl wanted to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms in a Catholic school. The first page of this policy statement is the important one.
see s3.amazonaws.com/lifesite/files/PDFs/CCSSA_pastoral_guidelines.pdf


University of Toronto alters gender-neutral bathroom policy after two reports of voyeurism.


:wink: Told you so…


So it sounds like they just encourage schools to have single-stall bathrooms for anyone to use.


Encouragement is agreement.


Hasn’t voyeurism been a problem on campuses since (before) the era of camera phones?



So why encourage it?


Is there any evidence that it has actually gone up in places with gender neutral bathrooms?


The appropriate approach would be to track down the perpetrators (most likely heterosexual perverts) and offer them therapy to address their problem.



See my “I told you so” in post #2



I think we should address the whole transgender thing at the school level by reverting back to the sensible separate boys and girls restrooms.

The small number of transgendered kids would have to make some adjustments and use the proper restroom for their gender. Just like all kids did before there was transgenderism.

Who knows, maybe some kids who want to be another sex may become more comfortable with their natural sex if this abnormality was less encouraged.


one/two anecdotes doesn’t actually prove that it has gone up just like how you hear about more child abductions in the US than in the 1970s, but the rate of child abductions has actually gone down substantially.


Oh…come on, Joie…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As more and more high school and college age boys see this as an easy access to the girls restrooms or locker rooms…the problem will increase.

Mark my words!


I personally believe that men aren’t a bunch of voyeuristic rapists however delusional that belief might be.


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