A Catholic Guide to the Bible


I started reading the Bible on a daily plan. I took the one from wordpress. It has been a very fulfilling experience so far. I realized I would need companion guide or that one would be useful. I purchased on ebay a copy of A Catholic Guide to the Bible by Father Lukefahr. Does anyone have any experience with this book? It was more a random and price based decision than anything else. So far I have only read the first chapter and seems to be very good so far. I would appreciate any feedback from others. Thanks!!!


It’s been a few years but I don’t remember any problems with it. It should have come with a workbook to test yourself after each chapter. Here is the website that published them…



I bought this used on ebay. Had I realized it was available through this service I would have done it that way and given them a donation. Arrrrrrrrgh! Oh well, can’t undo it now.

I thought Father Lukefahr’s name sounded familiar. I am sure I have seen it somewhere on Knights mailings that I get.


I am using this program with my teens for a religion supplement. We’ve all enjoyed it and are learning a lot from it. We are not very far into it but it’s the first time my kids are truly interested in religion class. The younger kids have been listening in and I’ve heard my 2nd grader “discussing” the book with my 4th grader. Through the program you also get a workbook to do exercises and the option to mail in tests or take tests online. I’m planning in doing more classes through them when we finish with this one. It’s so refreshing to have my kids ask when class is instead if needing to call them repeatedly.

Father Oscar Lukefahr died a few months ago. We always begin our class with a prayer for his soul. I’m so glad he started this ministry and am so grateful it is continuing on.


I’ve still got my copy and the workbook. that came with it.

It’s a very good book and a good course. Well worth the time invested in it as are all of the Catholic Home Study Service courses.

Fr. Lukefahr passed away a few months ago, God rest his soul, but the quality of his teaching endures in his series of course books.

You could write to them and ask for the workbook and ask to take the test online.

Enjoy! :thumbsup:





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