A Catholic Homosexual Man Tells His Story of Faith

This article from a Catholic who identifies himself as homosexual strongly affirms Catholic faith and values, including chastity. I was surprised to find that this came out in a gay publication, and hesitated to post it for that reason–but that in fact is no detriment to this article.
see www.gaystarnews.com/article/gay-catholic-who-has-refused-have-sex-his-whole-life140313

hmmmmm dont know about that first picture. I sense a trap…

He’s a couple of years older than I am and he states that in his teens the Church in his parish was “still” celebrating Mass in Latin. In the early 80’s that wouldn’t have been the case in any Catholic parish in the UK so, if it’s not journalistic inaccuracy, I’m smelling a rat…

But allowing for that, he’s certainly doing a laudable thing… I don’t think he’s a particularly good “poster boy” for his story though (and I disagree with the staging of the photo they used, it’s much too sexual - also he really doesn’t look like he’s in his 40s… if he is, I want what he’s using to keep looking that young!) - he’s concentrating so much on the ‘sin’ and very little on the whole of the Christian experience. To the extent that such a thing as ‘Catholic guilt’ exists, he’s got it in spades. It may be the lynchpin of his being able to maintain his orderly moral lifestyle but I don’t imagine him being happy if this is genuinely representative of his life…

I read the entire article which is filled with some errors about Catholic beliefs. This article is way off the beaten path, except for some homosexuals (and perhaps others) who wander deep into such things.

This comes close to being a sincere statement about someone who chooses to be chaste. The placement in a gay forum may simply be to attract derision for such a position.

Considering what many Catholics say about gays I can’t think of how anyone could make the decision from the beginning and not feel awful.

My thoughts on this article are complex. First of all, sexuality is a complex issue. He says in the article that he has a low sex drive. Contrary to what society tells you, sex just isn’t a big deal to some people. And if that is truly the case, this ‘cross’ might not be a big deal to him. He likely identifies himself as 1st Catholic than maybe a man, a nurse,…and then at the bottom of the list you’ll find his homosexuality. Since it’s not integral to who he is, he doesn’t have as big a problem with the Church’s teachings. As he said himself, “love the sinner, hate the sin,” so he does have a clear sense of distinction between the action and the doer. Second, however, I have some questions about his understanding of Church teaching. He clearly understands that he’s called to celibacy. But some of the things he says makes the Church sound very hateful. Again, as he himself says, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” If this isn’t a fake article, I pray for him as he tries to live out his life faithfully.:gopray:

Maybe those pics are of him in his twenties? That’s when he says he trained to be a nurse.
I wonder if they are of him at all, tho, because it is journalism 101 to put cutlines underneath to identify the photo, like: “Stephen at 22 at the hospital he worked at…” etc, etc. But they say nothing.
There is a chance these could be stock photos.

I dunno, I find something…odd here. He seems a bit off-kilter.
The near last line of, “I have actually withdrawn myself from the world” sums up my feeling thru reading the story that he is a bit…unwell.

As if what his parents said about homosexuality combined withe Clause 28 and then being bullied at school for being gay all at the same time…made him “horrified” about himself, as he says, to a detrimental degree.
Even if he’s Catholic and the Catholic church doesn’t say having same sex attraction is a sin…this guy says he’s never had sex…there is no reason for him to HATE who he is so much. It feels unhealthy.

He said that going to a monastery " was my way of hiding my sexuality within the Catholic Church". That doesn’t sound emotionally healthy at all, this feeling of needing to hide.
(I do wonder if many go into the priesthood for this same reason)
Instead of hiding, perhaps therapy…

It’s kind of ironic that he chooses not to take his vows because “I couldn’t live under the rule of an abbot, I am too disobedient and independent to live under the rule of one person”…when, all those years since age 12 leading up to then, he embraced and did just that–was very, VERY, obedient and lived under the rules of God as per the Catholic religion.

If this interview is a real interview…it just made me sad for him. He does not sound like a content, happy person at all.


I don’t know about this story. There are a couple of things in it that don’t make sense? Churches in the 80s only had Mass in Latin? There’s also a few statements that aren’t authentic teachings of the Church and the picture of the naked 20-year-old. I’m not sure I believe this story is legit.

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