A Catholic in a Lapsed Family


Hi Everyone, ive been browsing the forums for along time and i must say you guys (And Michael Voris’s One True Faith) have helped me a great deal in answering questions of the faith.

However, i am at great odds with my entire family, My twin sister has renounced all claims to the faith and embraced the LGBT Lifestyle

My Mother who was raised four square Protestant has fallen into lapse catholicism and constantly battles me and church doctrine saying that The Faith impedes on her personal relationship with Jesus (She also has numerous issues with The Teachings of the Church)

My Father was a cradle catholic who has embraced “The Spirit of Vaticant II” Theology (As in, if your conscience feels it, then it is A-OK)
Worst of all is that all three of them are ardently Pro Choice. I am trying to bring them to return to Christ’s table through love and compassion (And devout prayer) but at the same time i grow frustrated due to perceived lack of progress. I truly appreciate all of your answers and would be happy to answer any questions about the Situation.

Deo Gratia



Looks like you will be praying very hard for your whole family. But until then, pray to the Holy Spirit for courage to face whatever life is throwing at you. Be that beacon on a hill for your entire family. Don’t stop loving them, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept their lifestyle either. Unfortunately while we hope for instant results, we have to put it in God’s hands. His are much more capable at bringing back lost sheep…and your family indeed is lost in many ways. Fortunately, they have you.

There is a support group for families of those who have chosen the gay lifestyle. It can be found on the courage.org website.
You will be in my prayers.


Deo, it can be worse, believe me. I was raised Catholic, even though I have browsed other denominations, I remain Catholic through and through, the others helped on some level, at least to see others perspective and to help me realize the foundation I must follow in word, is the word and that is the one thing that remains constant.

My relatives, none of them go to any kind of a church, they don’t read the bible, they don’t profess Jesus as savior, they certainly don’t believe the catholic religion is the only true one. In fact, they follow any new age mumbo jumbo that happens to be hip, just because they think this next one is going to do the trick. They worship money, themselves, and love and compassion is the last thing on their minds, it’s all about need and greed and if you are not right in line with the status quo, they want nothing to do with you.

I grew up very frustrated, trying to get the message accross to them about basic values, I’m talking even the most simple elements such as picking up the phone and calling some time, and when I faced adversity, it was always a big mistake to share what I am expieriencing with them.

Eventually I gave up on them, I moved a great distance away and I keep in very little contact with any of them, for I know the path they have chosen and there is nothing I can do about it. At least yours has some form of understanding of the gospel on some level, they don’t just discount it as a book of fairy tales, there is still hope for you there, there is none for mine.


I suppose what hurts me the most, is that both of my parents used to be very devout and church going Catholics, but neither of them show a Concern for my Sister’s lifestyle (At Least from a Religious/Spiritual/Sin) Standpoint.


I am sorry to hear about your situation (Although you have put mine in perspective and i thank you) Also, i would like to point out my name is not “Deo” (Unless you ment god, it can be worse…im not sure) im just…fond of Ecclesiastical Latin. Thing is i love my Family very much, In fact im starting to feel guilty like i am shoving Catholicism down there throats. Mostly i am being called “Judgmental” by saying for example that i feel that Abortion is Murder etc.


I thank you for your kind words, indeed all I can do (Or anyone for that matter) is trust in God’s Divine providence, I find that the prayer of St.Francis has helped alot (As has the Angelus)

I thank you all again for your advice



Hi Fletch,

I do love my family, but I had to distance myself from them phsyically and emotionally, the turmoil they instilled in me was overwhelming, what they follow is utterly illogical, and there came a time when I decided enough is enough.

The argument of saying you are being judgmental is not a valid one, you are making a stand and declaring the truth that you know, the saying, you can only lead a horse to water is true all too often, perhaps God has another plan for them, one that you will not be in agreement with, perhaps they simply rejected his plan for them and he needs to work through you and through them to get them to realize the truth. Look to the prodigal son in that regard, just hope they come to realizing sooner rather then later, some never do.



My Sincere Apologies if i implied that you did not love your family :frowning: after all isnt that why we struggle with them?

Yes, i do not feel judgmental…but in a way i do. Its just…hard to be a College Freshman living at home on a journey of your Faith and having no one to share the Experience with. (m going to a Jr. College at the moment to get my AAOT Which is An Associates of the Arts Oregon Transfer Degree, i did attend a Four Year school but Engineering and General Ed at the same time proved…overwhelming, but i had a great sense of Spiritual strength through the Local Newman Club. But i mean an example of an argument we face is me saying “The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ, and the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself” and my mother saying “Isnt that a bit of a Judgment call on the countless hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Christ?”

On a side note i was Confirmed this Easter Vigil as my high school days were…hectic and well…atheistic to say the least. I thank God for his Providence which has led me back to his church



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