A Catholic Mass marriage

I’m not getting married anytime soon. But my best friend is, and she wants to know if her bridesmaids and flower girls all have to be active Catholics for her to be married with a Catholic Mass.

No, they do not.

EmBee is correct, they do not. Although, she should be sure to let the priest and her bridesmaids know ahead of time because non-Catholics (or non-practicing Catholics) should not receive the Eucharist.

Yea - it is no problemo for the bridal party not to be Catholic. I would reccomend at least having the maid of honor/best man be Catholic, only because they are often in front with you and it looks a bit odd if they aren’t receiving communion.

I second the advice to let any non-Catholic bridal party members know that they should not take the Eucharist. My dear sweet sister-in-law saw everyone getting in line to receive and just instinctively followed. My sister tapped her on the shoulder just before she put the wafer in her mouth. Phew. It was my fault for not giving the instructions beforehand, I forgot that it might not be known by non-Catholics. Woops. She is a good sport though, gotta love her.

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