A Catholic must read!


Hi All,
I have just read the book “The Devil’s Final Battle” see review here


I think this is a must read for ALL Catholics. I found it both fascinating and frightening. It concerns the Final Secret of Fatima and how the Vatican is keeping the entire secret from us.

for more info on Fatima see WWW.fatima.org.

I hope this is the right forum for this post.



I quit reading Fr. Gruner’s stuff about 4 years ago. Now if the Fatima Crusader shows up in my mail it goes straight into the trash can unopened.

He has nothing to do with the Fatima shrine and is in fact more like some fundamentalist evangelist always asking for money.

I have nothing for him, and I wouldn’t read this book ever.



I found this article.


Not another ‘Vatican keeps a major secret’ work; First we’ve had people say the Vatican is hiding the truth about Jesus, the truth about the Gospels, the truth about this, the truth about that, etc. As if the Church can keep a secret that long! I might as well tell the Vatican about my bank account (if I had one) and have a book about how they keep secretthe true amount of money in it.

Plus, how could they know that the Church keeps a secret? That makes the Church a lousy and inept secret-keeper, plus the secret wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?


Not a fan of Fr. Gruner’s. I am not sure he is a man of faith leading us where we need to go.


Not a fan of Fr. Gruner’s. I am not sure he is a man of faith leading us where we need to go.

The Devil’s Final Battle" is not written by Fr. Gruner but by Fr. Kramer.
Jeanne H


Same ‘hidden secret of Fatima’ nonsense.


Oh sorry. Yep my mistake. I believe what the church says about Fatima. I trust Pope JP2


this is of absolutely no value to believing faithful Catholics. comes from a dissedent priest on a dissident site from a dissedent organization. burn it.

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