A Catholic planning to fast for Ramadan next year

I just decided to fast for Ramadan 2014, which starts June 29 next year for 40 days.

No worries, I’m not in any danger of converting. I just think that to truly love our neighbor, we must be open to walking a mile in their shoes. I also think that’s the only way to effectively evangelize.

Here’s a great video that went a long way toward convincing me.


It may be in good faith, but I don’t see many Muslims praying the Rosary.

Then I’ll be sure to invite them!

Fasting is a good idea. We all should be better people by controlling our hunger when many of our fellow man suffer without proper sustenance, thus keep them in our minds to make us more humble. That said, when you break your fast, don’t overeat because the less fortunate don’t even get that chance. :thumbsup:


It doesn’t seem like a good idea to observe the practices of a false religion, even if one doesn’t actually accept the religion. Christians in ancient Rome died for refusing to do the equivalent.

I would do nothing to dignify Islam. Fast instead for Lent.

This is what I was just about to post. There is no spiritual gain for a Catholic to fast during a Muslim spiritual period. Better to apply the Islamic principles of fasting to the Catholic period of fasting - Lent.

I see no problem in fasting but don’t do it Ramadan. That is giving legitimacy to the beliefs of a false religion that is opposed to Christianity. There are a lot of other ways to meet Myslims for service and discussion.

This can potentially create great scandal.

I agree with you. Why shore up Islam when it is just too easy to fast in Catholic ways?

I know someone who did that in '12.

I wouldn’t do it though.

We should excel in our own faith rather than try to pick up the practices of another, IMNAAHO.


They have their own Rosary which predates ours.

For fellowship sake, feasting could be a better idea than fasting. It is a very popular and age old tradition in India called Iftaar parties. They are held during Ramadan every year after the breaking of fast. It is invariably a multi-religious affair; the host may or may not be a Muslim but the guest list will include many Muslims. Even our President, our Prime Minister and the leaders of every political party here, adhere to this tradition religiously. It is also a meeting place of arch rivals and foes and famous for ‘burying of hatchets’ and promoting friendship and harmony. Read the latest news: ndtv.com/article/india/salman-khan-shah-rukh-khan-end-feud-hug-each-other-at-mumbai-iftar-party-395205


And this:

What is it with people who so desperately seek other religious practices, while they have it all in their own?

Why not fast is solidarity with all those Christians who are persecuted by Muslims today and suffer greatly, and offer it up for them as well as for the conversion of Muslims? Now this would be charitable and truly ecumenical.

But I guess that doing funky Ramadan stuff is more fashionable these days. :rolleyes:

Why not just fast for Lent using the the older, stricter rules?

Three recommendations…

  1. Talk to to tour pastor/priest adviser/confessor first…this a longstanding principle to get approval for something outside the “norm”…don’t trust yourself to decide if your intention/reasons are sound/valid…and don’t be too quick to say it will have no negative effect on your Christian Faith…let your priest counsel you…validate your intentions.

  2. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing other than your priest…it can be easily misconstrued and be somewhat scandalous…its not a normal to take a Christian practice and follow it in a non-Christian faith group’s liturgical season.

  3. If he approves, offer it for the conversion of Muslims to the Christian faith. This seems to me, to be a valid/good reason to do it.

For your consideration.

Pax Christi

Very interesting. :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea. I hope that the OP considers it.

Why not? Go for the Gold.

Nothing I can see in the scripture or your Church that would not allow such an idea.
Why not go all the way and stone a few people who disrespect the prophet? There are still some brave ones out there that dare to do that.

How about the easter fast? You don’t need to fast according to islam.

That’s awesome of you!
Totally in sync with 1 Corinthians 9:19-23.

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