A Catholic priest presiding over a same-sex wedding?

I was watching a show - The New Normal on NBC - very funny, very realistic in its approach to its plot (two men adopt a surrogate for a child) and at the end, they found the other protagonist’s childhood priest, who happily presided over the ceremony.

Obviously it was a show, but let’s take it in the context of real life. Your thoughts?

I doubt any priest would seriously do such a thing. Anyone who would is probably in severe disagreement with the Church anyway. He certainly wouldn’t want his bishop to find out!

Some would want to, because of differing views among priests - especially those born in the last 25 years or so.

Check out the woes at the Diocese of Rochester (www.cleansingfiredor.com). Not only would priests want to do it, they would have the blessing on their newly retired and dissident bishop Matthew Clark. Please keep them on your prayers that the Holy Father sends them a good, orthodox bishop.

I find it very sad that you want to watch such a show and find it both “very funny” and “very realistcic”. It is, in reality, very disordered.

Such would be an excommunicable act for all the participants. And, it would no actual effect due to the lack of valid matter.

As a side note, someone dressed as a priest on TV may very well be an Episcopal priest.

To simulate a sacrament means automatic excommunication. I presume that a priest attempting to marry two gay people would be automatically excommunicated for that reason.

I hope this would never happen in reality! Obviously, these shows are used as propoganda to brainwash our thinking that this is normal and acceptable when it is not. This is deceiving to say the least…The father of lies is alive and well apparently. I would stop watching the show.

In the show’s case, it was a non-religious wedding. Would that still incur excommunication?

If a priest presided over it, then yes.

The is of the view that marriage (be that religious or civil) between people of the same sex cannot exist.

Civil partnerships are a different issue as they are not a form of marriage.

Yes, it is an excommunicable offense.

A Catholic priest cannot preside over a non-Catholic wedding of any kind, even one that would be otherwise valid (i.e. a non-Catholic man and woman who are free to marry).

Usually not. They might be advised by an Episcopalian priest, but usually it is an actor just playing what the writers have given them. The writer may have advisement but usually it is fiction. A parody of what they believe a priest to be.

This is why I do not watch TV much. Or go to movies. The way they mock our faith hurts and angers me very much.

Usually not. They might be advised by an Episcopalian priest, but usually it is an actor just playing what the writers have given them.

Umm… I think you’re taking her too literally. I took her to mean “someone dressed as a priest on TV may very well be playing the role of an Episcopalian priest.” :wink:

This is propaganda designed to confuse people. It is wrong, but a few may be confused into believing that a real priest might do this.


No, I didn’t mean an actual Episcopalian priest. Of course it’s an actor. I meant that they might be playing an Episcopal priest rather than a Catholic priest. Lots of soap operas use non-Catholic denominations like Episcopal for their numerous marriage and remarriage scenarios because they are a liturgical denomination and would be wearing a collar, have stained glass in their church set, etc.

My thoughts…don’t get your theology, doctrine, eschatalogical interpretations, et al from Hollywood or any such (including the MEDIA). I think a priest who did such a thing would be defrocked. :shrug:

No, in the show, the Catholic character genuflected before the Sacrament, reconnected with his faith and went to Confessional with that priest. Pretty sure the actor was playing a Catholic priest.

Some Episcopalians do that sort of thing as well. But in any case, a Catholic priest who tried to do such a thing would be excommunicated. That may be one of the things that causes the excommunication automatically. Dunno if he’d be defrocked - probably if he continued to try to function as a priest after being excommunicated and continued to support such immoral positions.

Why do we watch such things, and even worse, be entertained by them? In the context of real life, Catholics are obligated to dis-avow same sex unions.

I think part of the answer is because watching TV is habit-forming. It’s easy. Just look through the channels to see what catches our eye. I think TV is also a chance for some to experience the strange or unusual or new. But, in some cases, that new thing is not good for our minds or spirits. For others, it may that they feel left out if their coworkers watch a particular show and they don’t. People don’t like being made to feel uncomfortable. I don’t watch many TV shows mainly because the content is sickening, disturbing or both, and/or an offense to decency and the dignity of the people playing those roles. There is no reason for partial nudity, much less simulated sex, or portrayals of sinful, usually sexual acts or relationships that are free of any bad consequences.



I’m down to 60 Minutes and the Food Network. Only safe place to be in TV land.

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