A Catholic priest tells about his trials and blessings of never marrying in his life of celibacy. His personal account



My decision to become a priest “involved committing myself to celibacy for life. Strange as this may sound, since I was only 17, I didn’t make that decision naively or out of some passing fancy. I intuited pretty accurately the cost, so much so that virtually everything inside me strongly resisted the call.”

“Celibacy has made for some tough seasons and remains, as Merton once put it, the deep anguish within chastity. But celibacy has also provided me with a life rich in friendship, rich in community, rich in companionship, rich in family of every kind, and rich in opportunity to be present to others. I will die without children, my life, like everyone’s, an incomplete, never-fully-consummate symphony. But looking back on it all, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Celibacy can be a very life-giving way of being sexual, of creating family, and of being happy.”


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