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My two older kids go to public schools and I really want to put my 3rd child through catholic school. Are catholic schools the same as regular schools or do they actually teach students about the church as well as regular, academic schools. I went to a school run by nuns way back in Mexico when I was four years old. We all had to wear unforms and all. and my younger brother and sister went to catholic schools. I didn’t. I went to regular school and the peer pressures and acceptance in school was hard on me because I was different. I am wondering if catholic schools are better because they teach students how to get along with everyone and there are no cliches nor anything. Also I am not a rich person I really want to put my daughter in catholic school, but I don’t have the money. How can I put here there and also if they have after school programs in case I can’t pick her up because I am working.


Catholic schools do have mass and things like that. But understand that kids are kids. There are going to be wonderful kids and cruel kids no matter where you go. As far as how kids act and treat others I don’t think is any different in public or Catholic schools. And not all kids who go to Catholic schools are Catholic. So don’t base your decision on how the kids will treat each other or you will be very disappointed. Instead, base your decision on its curriculum and religious teachings.


In Catholic schools, they do teach religion along with the regular academics, and in my personal experience, they’ve been a better learning environment than the public schools in the same area (I’ve taught in both Catholic and public schools). But please don’t get the idea that Catholic schools don’t have their share of problems from time to time. They have bullies, cliques, etc., but from what I’ve seen in schools, the problems in Catholic schools are far fewer than in public schools. Just know that these problems can and do exist.

You’ll need to find a good Catholic school, too. Make sure you find one that is orthodox and has good parental involvement. There are some bad Catholic schools out there, I’ve heard, about how kids are never really properly formed in their faith, they don’t know who the Pope is, etc…

But most Catholic schools do require uniforms (good for structure and less distractions in the learning environment), have smaller class sizes, and more parental involvement. If your child has special needs (special/gifted education, etc.) a Catholic school may not be able to accommodate him/her. Catholic schools also may lack facilities (cafeteria/hot lunches, gym) and extracurricular activities you may find in public schools (certain sports or band).

Don’t worry about cost. See if you diocese can help you. If you really feel Catholic school is right for your family, the school and/or diocese may be able to help you make it happen. Good luck with your decision!


I go to an all girls Catholic School run by nuns. The order is old and thus all the teachers are lay. I’d say we have an excellent religious education here, although my friend at another catholic school has a very liberal religion department. Our history department is strong but dominated by liberals. Our science department is 50-50. I know education wise I’m going more in depth with my studies than friends I have at public school. Everyone is really close with the teachers and there is a lot of good communication and discussion during class. The teachers really care about the well being of the students (although at my Catholic elementary school this is FAR from the case). People seem to be taught, if nothing else, to care. During elections, for example, we had very intelligent debates. This a plus to the Catholic School system, you can have Catholic beliefs without getting in trouble for voicing them and the school, even if not on the straight and narrow, can be held accountable. I have formed great friendships at my school and really value the hard work the teachers put into their job. I would whole-heartedly encourage you to look into a Catholic School, key word look into. My friend’s Catholic school has promoted gay clubs, the students booed our conservative bishop, and kids get away with sketchiness in the back of the class room. I am not trying to glamorize the good school though. Its important to know your kids probably won’t be “sheltered” from knowing about some less moral activities nor will it mean there friends aren’t taking part in them. Of my baptized catholic friends many are very liberal and strongly vocal of these opinions. Of my classmates, a good amount are sexual active. Overall, however, it just gives you support in your faith in addition to a great education, even with all its flaws.

I hope this helps
God Bless:whackadoo:


It’s hard to make any general statements about Catholic schools because they can be very different from each other. Most require uniforms. And since (at least in the United States) they are usually taught be lay teachers these days, they have gotten more expensive. At the elementary level I believe most schools are parish schools. The students will get religious instruction in addition to the usual courses taught at public schools.

Some Catholic schools will work with parents who have a limited income and some won’t. Most expect you to put in volunteer hours and help with fund raising —which can be hard for working parents. Some Catholic schools do have after school care programs. But not all.


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