A Catholic Thank You to my Non-Catholic contributors here!!!

I do not post that often but do read alot of the threads on this " non-Catholic " religions section of the forums.

I wanted to offer my THANKS and admiration to many ( too many to name names ) of the non Catholic posters who share their beliefs as well as offering their perspectives on a variety of topics. I have learned alot concerning the " what and why " of your positions, thanks for the Christian manner many of you choose to offer your contributions.

Having said that, I am encouraged by the GREAT opportunity we ALL have to learn and share with eachother. I am fully aware of the differences and have indeed read many " heated " postings in this regard but remain encouraged ( for the most part :)) to see some comon ground as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to share with me/us Catholics. It is my humble opinion that MUCH GOOD can and will come from extending our hands to eachother in a loving and respectful fashion.

Thanks again and God bless,

The feeling is mutual, CJ.


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