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Watching a program on EWTN a few months ago, the priest was reflecting on a certain icon that I thought was just fabulous.

I portrayed the creation of man by God. Man as kneeling while God was touching Adam’s forehead. But the real depth of this icon was in that God was portrayed bearing Jesus’ countenance… the same countenance as Adam’s! :thumbsup:

Can anyone point me to this icon’s history? I’d like very much to get a reproduction too.



It sounds like what is called a “didactic icon”.

I have seen one very old icon that does not have a single saint in it. It depects Judas conspiring with Annas and Caiphas to betray Jesus.

ICON Creation Adam

This icon is often made in similar arranagement of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Adam Firstman to that of resurrection icon, Christ in center lifting to taking Adam and Eva from Hell.



Face of Christ and Adam are similar to suggest that Adam is created in “image and similarity” to God. Most often Orthodox icons do not image God the Father. Although occasionaly done this is even considered a heretical idea - to image God the Father, similar for Holy spirit, only when known to be as dove.

However, there are many icons created under western influence which show God the Father. But not like Michelange in Sistinska Capella = like old bearded man. At creation to show God must image Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The icon I saw used the very same face of Jesus on Adam, similar to the one in the post above.

I thought that it was great how it taught that Jesus is a Person of the Trinitarian God, that man was created in the image and likeness of God and that God shares with us the human nature in Jesus. I’ve never seen an icon as rich as this to meditate on, it’s almost as a synthesis of the whole Bible. Truly awesome.



I was going to ask to see picture of icon, i see it now…very interesting…

Can someone recommend a good virtual gallery of Holy Icons or perhaps a good source for reproductions?



Can someone recommend a good virtual gallery of Holy Icons or perhaps a good source for reproductions?


St. Isaac of Syria Skete.




my home have a very very very very old icon, i
don’t know how to describe it~

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