A certain style of rosary beads

I saw someone praying the rosary where the rosary had beads that were really tiny. the beads looked almost like little BBs and it was a mini looking Rosary is there a name for that type of rosary? does anybody know?

How mini is “mini”? I have my mother’s and grandmother’s old rosaries and both have very small beads, both are sixteen inches long. Both are difficult to pray without looking at the beads.

Three newer rosaries have large beads that could be prayed during a blackout and are 23.5 inches long.

Codefro, if the rosary has five decades of 10 beads it’s still a Dominican rosary, no matter how large or how small the beads are. I am a rosary collector and have a couple that are tiny. They were made to fit into a locket of glass and metal that the owner could wear as a pendant on a chain around their neck.

It’s also possible that a tiny rosary could be one that was bought for a baby as a memento of their baptism. Baby rosaries come pretty small, too.

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