A Challenge for Those Who Claim Catholics Are Not Christians


Here’s your chance: prove it.

I’ve got my Bible ready.

Step up or sit down.




Please do not tell me brosam was a drive by shooter at Catholicism, I would like to follow this thread and see the awakening and enlightenment of a closed and ignorant mind.


I dont even think all protestants are christians:eek: Where does that leave me?

The only people I believe are christians are the ones who have done what it says in Romans 10: 8—13.

So as far as Im concerned if you believe the above you are a christian wherever you go to church on Sunday or Saturday;)


But you have not claimed NO Catholics are Christians, as Brosam has done and has others do.

So that would leave you where you are.


I don’t see him claiming this?:confused:


You can see it in the quoted exchange above, among others, where he defines “Roman Catholics” and “Christians” as mutually exclusive sets.

An example was in the very question posed by the original “Evangelism question” thread.

Therein, the formulations was “When Roman Catholics evangelize…but when Christians evangelize…”

If you missed them—they’re apparently deleted now—you can either get somebody else to vouch for this or just wait until he repeats.


Furthermore I think his comments were more like this…One can not aspire to completely believe and follow all catholic doctrines and still be Christian,in his opinion…(or something to that nature) He didn’t to the best of my recollection ever say NO catholics are Christian




So really you are taking a combination of comments and filling in the blanks as you see them, right?


He would not answer the direct question when I put it to him twice.


Hi friend! [SIGN]Simon waves[/SIGN]


Nope. He has done this repeatedly, been called on repeatedly, and persists.

Moreover, when directly asked, “Are Catholics Christians?” he doesn’t answer.

So now he has a chance to make his case.


Thats because he’d be firmly placing himself in the judgement seat…We don’t fit in that chair!


What he said was (and I remember this mostly because in the past, I have said it myself many times; Lord, have mercy :gopray2: ) that it’s possible for a person to be a Christian in the Catholic Church IN SPITE of what the Catholic Church teaches. Though he believes that if we would just read our Bibles for ourselves we’d be running for the door and finding a “Bible preaching church” like the one he attends. He also likened Catholicism to Mormonism which I, naturally took issue with since Mormons deny the Trinitarian God, and the Catholic church definitely believes in the Triune God - the Catholic Church gave us the word Trinity, y’know. :wink:


He wouldn’t answer if you said are protestants Christian…I would hope anyways, well…At least not in a swooping generalization, I know many protestants whom are unsaved!


He does. Again, Simon, this was multiple posts over the original “Evangelism question” and “Are you born again?” threads, and again in the “Honest and Dishonest Questions” thread.

If you missed these, then, why not wait for his response?

You do not believe Catholics are not Christians, and thus are unlikely to present that argument here.


Nope what he stated was Some Catholic’s may be Christians inspite of the fact they are Catholic… Not because they are Catholic…In other words he is infering that the Catholic faith is not Christian. Maybe a tad little more then infering though.


No, he specifically formatted his assertion in a Catholics VERSUS Christians manner. He was called upon it several times, and not simply by me.


No it is more like Simon has Bro Sam’s back…:smiley:

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