A Challenge for Those Who Claim Catholics Are Not Christians


Yes, I know he said that, too. We’re remembering different posts, apparently. :smiley: Pitted the Bible against the Catholic Church several times as well.

He did, however, grant that it might be possible for SOME Catholics to be Christians, but that the Catholic Church herself is not a Christian Church, but a cult. :mad:


I understand his comments, I might add that most born-again evangelics, if they were truly being transparent about their opinion of catholic doctrine vs. scripture would say likewise. It takes a great deal of understanding to follow the Traditions of your church… No offense intended!


Again, in the very presentation of his original thread on “evangelism question”, now deleted, he formulated his assertion as,

“When Roman Catholics evangelize, they do [A], but when Christians evangelize, we do **.”

That was what he said, and should he choose to deny it now, he is welcome to come do so.

He was called on it, asked point blank, and did not say, as you imply, “Some Catholics ARE Christians.”

The “in spite of the Catholic faith” formulation some posit is another way of saying, “non-Catholic”, or “bad Catholic”, or “ex-Catholic.”

But given he posts over 100 times a day, he, and anyone else who excludes Catholics from Christendom, is more than welcome to make there case here, as opposed to derailing other threads.**


That is fine, Simon, but we are talking about an argument that Catholics are not Christian. Any born-again evangelical is welcome to make that argument here.

So where are they?


Oh I know it! I used to be one of those born again evangelical anti-Catholic fundamentalists. :wink: That’s part of what intrigues me about our dear brosam. He’s talking just like I used to once upon a time.


Well, he is welcome to argue our cult status here, rather than derailing other posts with anti-Catholic bigotry.

I am looking forward to learning how Christ’s Church is not Christian.


The problem is, (and the point my friend Teflon93 is trying to make in this thread) is that far too many n-Cs seem to come at us Catholics with the notion that the Catholic Church is non-Christian which to us a raging great load of bunkum.

I think that T93 is mainly seeking to draw out those individuals who, (like Matt Slick of CARM for example :rolleyes: ) make this allegation (or even imply it) all the time.

Frankly, as a faithful Catholic, I do feel that we are unduly targeted for evangelism by n-Cs.

No one, and I mean, no one has so far shown me any evidence that Catholicism is not a Christian faith that I haven’t been able to refute.

If someone holds this messed up thinking about our most holy faith, then I’m with Teflon93 and say,
[SIGN1]***Bring On the Proof!***[/SIGN1]


Has anyone simply asked him to define “Christian” yet?


Shouldn’t we all match up what our churches teach to God’s word?:confused: , die verbum 2:10 says that the church is a servant to the “word of God” and scripture is the “word of God”



How do you guys do that sign thing? Im icon challenged:o


That’s precisely where we’re heading.

This is ground expertly covered in the past by CM, as well.

As he’s noted, we see a lot of threads intentionally or unintentionally derailed by snide comments to the effect that Catholic and Christian are mutually exclusive terms.

So we offer their authors the opportunity to step up or sit down.

Make the case here, in a thread where it is on topic. Bring your evidence. Make your claims. Craft the “smoking gun” argument of anti-Catholic dreams that will prove, once and for all, that the Catholic Church and the 1 billion Catholics in communion with her are not Christian.

We see such boldness in snickering asides. Let’s see it here.


It should be just above the smilies in the lower toolbar. You wrap it around your text like quotes or boldface.



Christ is the Word of God. Where one claims to obey Scripture but does not obey Christ, one is in error.


30-odd posts.

Let’s see how many we get before one of the brave souls who claims Catholics are not Christians presents the mother of all theological proofs.


Whose interpretation of God’s Word should we use? Mine, yours, or the Church of the Living God, which is the pillar and foundation of Truth?


I’d reckon to say most fundamentalists define a Christian as a born-again never the same heart soul and mind—Lorded over by our Savior, bible believing member of the body, living with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as opposed to the sinful nature of man, one whom grows in their salvation more daily, having already been saved by the blood of the lamb.


Scripture is the word of God, as well, T93.


True, but we should be wary, as Christ warned us, of quoting Scripture to support disobeying Christ; the sole distinction I was making.


And just how is this position logically different than what Catholics believe concerning Protestants.

Honestly I find both condescending but just might be me.


[quote=Teflon93]True, but we should be wary, as Christ warned us, of quoting Scripture to support disobeying Christ; the sole distinction I was making.

I don’t remember Christ giving that specific admonition; His admonition, with respect to the law, was against the preference of man-made law, over-and-above the written law (Mt 15:1-9, etc.).

However, Peter did warn that the unlearned, and unstable would distort scripture to their own destruction (2 Pet 3:16), and, that those who consistently disbelieve the word, and consistently disobey it, were appointed to that (1 Pet 2:8).

(Sorry, I’ll let you get back to the topic).

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