A Challenge To You to Join me in Fasting and Sacrifice


The Internet is the perfect venue for the anonymity to which Christ refers when He talks about fasting and giving alms.
I am looking for someone who will sponsor me as I fast to help feed the poor. I agree to fast for one day if you will make a donation to foodforthepoor.org in the amount I would normally spend a day for food, $25.
If you are ready to put your faith into works, respond to my post and I will tell you which day this week I will fast from solid food from sundown to sundown.
It is my hope and prayer that others who will see our posts will likewise issue and respond to further challenges of this nature and that we will spawn a new forum for our daily walk with Christ in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen


I would, but I just sent them a donation, for fruit trees for a Haitian family I think it was. :slight_smile:


you fast, and I will contribute to feed the poor of this parish, but I will contribute more than we normally would, in solidarity with your fasting. I am sure that is a good organization, I just don’t happen to have much knowledge of their operation, so in general we contribute locally. and thanks for the suggestion, so those of us who cannot fast for medical reasons, can still contribute in this way.


Thank you for joining me in this puzzleannie. I will be fasting from sundown Tuesday to sundown Wednesday.
May God Bless you and your family

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