A Child's faith

Today at Mass our priest was talking about Christmas and he told us something that happened about 7 years ago ( before he was a priest).

He used to be at this parish and he and four other women would take the little children during Mass to another room to explain to them what they were learning that day while the priest usually gave his homily. It was kinda like a short version of Sunday school I suppose where they taught the little kids some lessons in a mostly Hispanic community.

Anyways, on one of these days, they were leaving from a little chapel that was near there, when one of the ladies said that a little boy was still at the chapel so he went back to get the little boy. The little boy was about five years old and he was staring at the tabernacle and pointed to the tabernacle and kept saying “there! there!” as if something (or as we know Someone) was there and then the little boy pointed to himself at his own heart and said “there, there!”.

Well it just left our priest speechless. Here he was trying to teach the children lessons when he just got a big one himself. Anyways, he said he took the little boy by the hand to take him away to where they were teaching the kids, but the little boy kept looking back at the tabernacle.

Just wanted to share this.

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