A Chotki issue...

I just ordered a so-called “chotki” from the what I have been reminded as infamous “Monastery Icons”. I’m worried that all the hokey-pokey new age hindu-orthodox fusion will be harmful for me spiritually. I figure I have a few options:

  1. Return the item and pray for them.

  2. Keep the item, have it blessed by a priest and blessed with Holy Water and claim it for Christ, and still pray for them.

  3. Go very radical and throw it away, but that means I just donated $11 to a cult…but I’d still pray for their conversion.

I think I want to go with option 1 or 2. What would be the best option considering the story behind Monastery Icons? I looked at the address on the website and it was different from that of the Hindu Ashram they were supposedly operating out of, but that might just be a scapegoat move.

I don’t want to be put in spiritual harm here. Any swift comments would be excellent!

Peace be with you all!

I’d go with option 2. Have it blessed by a priest with holy water. (In fact, sprinkle it yourself asap first.)

I’m sure any taint will be thus removed.

Here’s the object in question just in case anyone was curious:
The “Chotki” I bought…(foolishly)

Oh and could people who are reading these posts say a short prayer for my protection? I would feel better if that were the case. Thank you.

Take it to a priest and have it blessed before using it.

Here is an Akathist to St. Michael.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is so wrong with a Chotki or Komboskini? I just made my own tonight (with 33 knots). I was told after reading through various Eastern Catholic/Orthodox sites that this was in practice for centuries and evolved into the Rosary that Roman Rite Catholics use and also that many Eastern Catholics/Orthodox use the Chotki/Komboskini to this day.

Is there anything objectionable about the use of a Prayer Rope?

Pace e Bene

The problem is where he bought it. The pseudo-Orthodox Hindu monks say secret pagan prayers over their supposedly eastern products before sending them out.

Ah, I see. Well that’s horrible!!:mad: How are they allowed to still exist? Their icons look ok, but not that great. At one time I was thinking about purchasing one from them, but not anymore.

How can one be Orthodox and say pagan prayers? Doesn’t add up to me. haha

Pace e Bene


If you’re speaking of the OH address, that is solely an order fulfillment center and has been used through several of their incarnations. I don’t have any recollection that the group was ever situated in OH during its meanderings.

Of note, nowhere on the site is their physical locale referenced, nor is there anything to suggest that MI is actually anything other than a company. That, I’m certain is purposeful. If it identified as a monastery, folks would invariably be looking for its location, information about visiting, etc. - as is the case with other monastic foundations that sell religious goods, such as Holy Transfiguration, etc

[quote=Woodstock]The pseudo-Orthodox Hindu monks say secret pagan prayers over their supposedly eastern products before sending them out.

I would object less to a sincere Hindu prayer than to what I have long felt was outright deception on their part.

My objection and that of many others is to the Gnosticism (a description applied to them by most everyone except themselves) of the body which produces these and their past history of presenting themselves as Orthodox (which they again were only in their own imagination).

[/quote]How are they allowed to still exist?

They are a business and have found a niche - selling average quality icons at generally affordable prices to persons and institutions. (EC and EO temples have, regretably, been major unwitting customers of these folk in the past and some, I suspect, still are.)

Equally regretably, since the old forum archives have still not been restored (and I refuse to continually hunt down and restore the content to here via Google). You’ll have to go to another site to read the background on Monastery Icons.

See Monastery Icons what to do - particularly my post on page 2 of the thread

A Word About Monastery Icons

Many years,


As you said, have it blessed.

What is the big deal here? Sorry to the OP for not crying my eyes out here- but what is the big deal here? Seriously?

I am worried that some take the sacramentals to a new level-
And that is what bore Calvin!:eek:

As augustine, I think said-

abuse does not negate use

Dont make this into a superstitious thing, that gives rise to protestant (albeit Calvin influenced) thoughts

Why give in to it?

Its merely what you intend it to be- bless it all day long.
(and you should anyway)

But, in and of itself-

Are you worshipping it?


Move on, and understand what a sacramental is for pete’s sake

I bought one from them awhile back, before I knew who they were.
When I found out, I did some research on their “Chotki” (since I found it peculiar that it had 28 [27 small and one large] beads), and it seems as though it’s modeled more after the Buddhist prayer beads than an Orthodox Chotki. Even so, so long as you have it blessed, it could still be used for the jesus prayer. Next chance you get though, I’d recommend getting a proper one.

God bless.

My big problem is just supporting them.

I would bet that the Chotki was made elsewhere and there are just acting as retailers…

Funny, I just now remembered the first series of Light of the East on EWTN had a simple backdrop of large icons, suggesting an iconostasis.

Who supplied the icon backdrop? You guessed it!

No big deal, the blessing from your priest is standard procedure anyway, which you would do even if Mother Angelica made it for you.

Put it to good use :slight_smile:

Yeah. When the time rolls around, I hope to get a good one. I’m a college student so funds are…limited :smiley: . I want a beaded one rather than the knots. Maybe I can do some more browsing on ebay or somewhere online to find one…

I bought one from Eastern Christian Supply (easternchristiansupply.biz) that has 100 knots. I also bought a byzantine lamp and hook. It should arrive in a weeks time. I believe they are Orthodox, but the items are beautiful that they sell.

I actually attempted making my own prayer rope, didn’t turn out too bad, and it does its purpose.

Pace e Bene

I never knew about any of this.
You learn something new every day, I guess.

Hi, scapularkid8!

When the time does, indeed, roll around, may I suggest that you look at this site…


No financial interest… just a lot of respect for the fine folks who run the site.

I’ve been using chotkis for a long time, and was encouraged to see this thread. I switched from knotted chotki to beads since the wool seems to wear out so quickly. I got my last set at mitzisattic.com/chotki.htm, he makes them himself, and also offered to make a custom chotki for me with materials of my choice. I liked my hematite & copper chotki so much a bought another for our bishop.

God bless & thank you so much for this forum!

If anyone is interested, I make and sell chotkis/komboskinis/prayer ropes. Just send me an e-mail and I’d be more than happy to make one for you. :smiley:

Oh wow what a great source! I love the red one!!! I want to buy one from him.

The other day I stumbled onto chotki.com/ and I saw that they had really great products and an entire online library of information on the Jesus Prayer. I sent an email saying that their site was really something great that I hoped continued. They decided to send me a chotki to help me on my Lenten journey. They’re in Romania so I haven’t gotten it yet, but these people are truly moving in the Spirit and I highly recommend supporting their honest venture. It seems like they really want to just help Christians engage in Theosis the best way they know how.

I’m not being paid by them, I promise. I’m just very impressed. :smiley:

Christ is risen! I pray that everyone had a marvelous Holy Week.

I would like to thank Odox for mentioning me in his post, and for the kind words from those who have visited my website. I would never have guessed mention of Chotkis on a Catholic forum, but am thrilled to see it!.

I began making chotki beads a number of years ago after reading “Way of a pilgrim”. I started with wool chotkis - or prayer ropes. But as I improved on my prayer without end, I found the woolen chotkis just didn’t hold up well. That’s when I began making my own out of wood or gemstone beads.

Then I began selling these a few years ago in hope of funding a pilgrimage to Mount Athos. So many things have changed in that time that I have since postponed my pilgrimage until my economy improves. But I’ll continue to work toward that trip to the Holy Mountain.

A wonderful book about the Holy Mountain is “Short trip to the edge” by Scott Cairns. It’s a wonderful book about such a pilgrimage. It’s a most rewarding read!

Many thanks & God Bless!


What great sources!! Steve’s are especially beautiful…:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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