A Christian/Moslem Debate of the 12th Century

I saw this debate over at the internet medieval sourcebook and thought it was fascinating.

The Monk– Why do you insult us? Why do you attribute to us what is related to you and to your prophet? Didn’t we talk and prove that the Christ is the Spirit of God and His Word from your Koran and your Prophet? If you are sure that what we cited is satanic, it should be from your Prophet and your Book.

The Prince– Shame of you, Abul-Fadl! Your silence was better and more fruitful than your speech. I wish God had furnished you with silence and dumbness; then we would have been quite at ease. Then Abdul-Fadl, ashamed, went away.


A good read! Maybe anyone else interested should first note that the historicity of this document is unverifiable.


Great site, I had it b-marked myself for awhile lots of good original documents there on philsophy, theology and history.


Gerry :slight_smile:

I love stuff like that, very inspiring and helps you when facing questions of a similar nature! Thanks for posting it!

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