A church in Lancaster, PA takes out most aspects of church

What you won’t see at one of the region’s fastest-growing churches: pastors in robes or suits, crosses or icons, pews, traditional choirs, or stained glass. What you will see: pastors in jeans, dramatic stage lighting, stadium seating in a 2,000-seat auditorium, rock bands and stage smoke, giant multimedia screens and graphics, a coffee bar, a food court and a bookshop, along with animal-themed murals in the kids wing.

I personally think this is sad. It feels like they just want people to show up and give donations and that this really isn’t about worshiping the Lord at all. It’s about being as flashy and crowd-pleasing as possible to get money flowing in from having more butts in the seats.

Here is the link to the rest of the article if you’d like to read it.


“Megachurches” and their arena-sized “churches” have been doing this for some time. Ironically, I think the liturgy-minded Luther and the ever-dour John Calvin and other “reformers” would be as shocked and dismayed by this kind of performance-as-worship as we are.

The Churches in the article are not Catholic Churches.
There are so many Catholics who need faith building, I can’t begin to think about others.

A well made satire of contemporary worship in certain circles.

Sounds eerily similar to the vast majority of Pentecostal churches that I have been to. :frowning:

i attended a church like this a few times in the city where i used to live. it is all about feeling good and trying to combine the secular world with christianity if you ask me.
they want the people to feel good about themselves and donate money - so they have to do something to keep them coming back. it is all very superficial to me.
i heard jim caviezel speak at this church while promoting a theatrical Bible production on DVD. he was trying to make people realize the sacrifice Jesus made for us and being a Christian isn’t about feeling good. i could tell that just the little bit he had been in the church he didn’t like what he saw. of course, when you are Catholic and then attend a church like this - it doesn’t feel like church as we know it.

But we don’t have anything to fear, right? The comments from the article state that it is based off of Rick Warren’s church and is very “biblicly based”! No worries! :wink: :rolleyes:

I have never been to a so-called “mega-church”, and have little desire to. This church just re-enforces that opinion. It seems to focus more on the people than worshiping God. A part of me feels sorry for all of those people who go there and everything.

I love going to Pentacostal churches. They are great!!

Except I don’t think this focuses on the people at all. It focuses on the show; it can’t focus on the people, because its not a neighborhood church. What kind of community can you have in a 2,000 seater-stadium style church? Sometimes we forget that the parishes in our country during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s were focused on the people; the liturgy conducted within was not worried about their entertainment, but these were parishes with schools and athletic leagues and clubs for the people and dinners and trips. All those things are critically important, for a Catholic parish cannot survive if it doesn’t build the necessary sense of home and community.

And this will fade for that reason-what kind of family can come together to worship Christ when the Sunday service is a show?


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