A church supporting gay people

So whilst snooping across the internet, I found a few sites in which one of the Parishes in my city , well I’m not sure really, seem to have welcomed maybe “lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgendered people”.

their home site

which has a link to this

and it has the priests sermon on there too (which I’ve not read yet)

I thought it was wrong to be gay in catholic teachings. The church doesn’t agree with?
If I’m right with what I thought, then why would 3 other priests in the area said to have support it?

Sorry if I’m completely wrong, Im a cradle catholic that really doesn’t know very much about the church, but im slowly learning :shrug:

gay, lesbian and transgendered persons are welcome in any Catholic Church in the world, in precisely the same way everyone else is welcome: welcome to hear the good news about Jesus Christ saving action on our behalf, welcome to learn all the truth about him, welcome to repent and be absolved from whatever sin they may have, and welcome to his grace through the sacraments, in helping to live a good live in obedience to his commands.

What does not exist in the Catholic Church is a free pass that applies a different standard of morality to different classes of people. The commandments and beatitudes apply equally to all. When it comes to the saving grace in Christ, all persons are created equal.

there is no Church teaching that says it is a sin to have homosexual inclinations, there is clear constant teaching over 5000 years of Judeo=Christian morality that homosexual activity is sinful.

so its not wrong to say you are attracted to the same sex, but it is to have sex with them?
Because thats breaking the no sex before marriage and your doing it for pleasure not to make a baby?

Is that right?:shrug:


It is not wrong to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. However, it is wrong to have sex with someone of the same gender. I just wonder if it is a sin to be transgendered or not?

That’s not the whole story. Same-sex sex is verboten, regardless whether it’s in the context of a “marriage” (civil) or not.

We have to be careful to define what we mean by being LGB or T. Homosexual orientation is something that, in most cases, cannot be helped, meaning that one cannot control their inclinations or “orientation” in this area. Transgendered is the same thing; not sinful to have that inclination, but sinful to live as the “other” sex and especially if that involves surgery.

Cheers for your replies, I’ve learnt so many new things today, tis shocking really :yup:

Oh ok. That makes sense. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Because that’s how bad things are in some parts of the Church these days… Sad but true…

The Church’s doctrine on the matter is immutable. It will never change. But how faithfully the Church’s members adhere to this doctrine will always increase and decrease according to free choice and prayer throughout the ages.


It is not “wrong” (morally) to be attracted to members of the same sex because one typically has no control over this. It is wrong to exercise one’s sexuality in any manner other than with one’s lawful (opposite sex) spouse because, essentially, that is the way God designed mankind - to reflect His own life in the complementarity of the sexes; in the selfless giving of one man’s life to one woman.

Additonally, there are two purposes for sex between married couples, not just one: procreation and “unity”. (Feel free to read into that “pleasure” because that’s all part of the package.)

Sex is not solely for producing babies. If it were, the Church would not allow NFP.


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