A clever denier


this guy seems to have the answers(which he doesn’t) about god in this as well having a lot of other links to his other “truths”, and of course he disables his comments (gee I wonder why?) so no one can have a serious argument with him, so I bring this link to the good people here to make said arguments against his analysis along with the other links, Im sure many can show a good argument here and show we are not a bunch of superstitious fools.

I thought she(?) (Aurora) raised many good points and questions. The God of the Bible can seem very dark and unlovable. There are probably many Christians who aren’t even aware of the passages she cites and have a different God in their minds. Perhaps they would reconsider worshiping a deity with such cruel attributes. There is a lotta material to digest there.

well the thing is most said dark things are mostly old testament which the new testament states is fulfilled and as such we are no longer bound by it. The best way to describe it is when the curtains were torn and the earth shook after Jesus died on the cross, it meant we no longer had to follow such things, for Jesus fulfilled it all by death, said laws were a result of sins of man, the very sins Jesus died on so we no longer were bound by said laws, when Jesus said “it is finished” it meant the laws of the old testament, the lamb given that took away the sins of the world, was finished.

Perhaps they should reconsider getting their Bible commentary from a better translation and from someone who understands the Bible. :wink:

Why are you even bothering with these lunatics?

Given part of the user’s arguments were that the only possible interpretation can be literal and therefore concluded the bible is self-contradictory, I’m going to say no real discussion was intended. Even before Christ the Old Testament was not meant to be interpreted in a literal fashion.

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