A Confession question? Maybe "silly-maybe not"


If someone is VERY hoarse and their voice comes and goes. They MUST go to Confession because of a mortal sin. Would it be ok to bring in a tablet and pen in case the hoarseness caused them not to be able to get their sin across to Father where he could understand enough to make it a good Confession? I was just curious.


Very few silly questions exist. I don’t see any issue with that at all; it would be just like a person who cannot speak or a priest who cannot sign.

I often write a confession out. It is not because I’m scrupulous or because I can’t talk. It helps me look at it as the offense it is and to focus my intent to change. It also feels good to go home afterward and burn it in the fire pit!


How do you think deaf people Confess to priests not fluent in sign? Writing things down is valid.


I knew that but I just wondered if in this case it was warranted. Just something I was curious about.


It would be warranted if needed for the priest to know. Ultimately the person would have to make that judgement.


I don’t actually think the priest has to understand you. I’m pretty sure we could confess to priests with whom we don’t share a common language.


But even a basic understanding is desirable when possible. I’ve read people on CAF who have sat with a foreign (to them) language priest and went through the ten commandments, pointing at the applicable one and giving a number.

In contrast, a priest will grant absolution in emergency situations without needing the details.

It’s something where you’re right that strictly speaking, being able to understand the Confession is not necessary. But it’s desired when possible.


That is truly interesting to me. WOW! The need for Confession & forgiveness outweighs the language barrier.


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