A Conflict with my Dad :(

My father has always been a staunch religious man full of convictions and legalizm. Recently he and my mother got a divorce after 26 years. us kids had mixed feelings over it. They were miserable togther and brought out the worst in eachother.

My dad started dating a woman shortly after he filed for divorce. She is Native American and VERY involved in her native religion. She took my dad to a sweat lodge retreat and then he had went on a retreat to meet his spirit guide. He hasnt really ever been the same. I am watching him fall further and further from the church and bible in general.we have gone tit for tat about religion and the validity of his new New age religious movement but usually end in grid lock.
Well, yesterday I was telling him how my son asks me what happens to the people who chose not to follow and love Jesus. and he asked me what did u say? so I told him I explained that Jesus says only through HIm can u get to His Father and my own father said I was teaching him fallacies and that u dont need Jesus to get to heaven!! I ahve NEVER heard him say such things!! I exclaimed how can u say something like that when 6 months ago u said u still prayed to Jesus even before ur spirit guide expiditions to protect u etc. and he said Jesus also says there are many rooms in my Fathers house and ur not gonna tell me that the Jewish, Islamic and HIndu are not going to heaven if they are good people because they dont pray to Jesus. He said I was doing an injustice to my son and leading him with fear. :frowning: The conversation didnt end well. I told him i didnt even know him anymore, a man who used to pary the Rosary every single day and go to Mass 2x a week.

Is this what thereare many rooms in my fathers house means? different religions? Im scared for my father. I think he is in deepr to the new age thing then he realizes. he went to China and studied there with buddhist monks and also I found out he is a reiki master and he asked if eh could tune me. He said hes my dad he would never mislead me. But this screaming alarm is sounding in my head, but I want to trust my dad, he is after all my dad and never steered me wrong before. :shrug:

Stay away from Reiki, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native American religious practices.

Pray for your father, and if he is close with any members of the clergy, encourage that priest to talk to him one-on-one.

There is not much you can do but pray for him. I am sorry about this because I am sure this is very painful to watch. I wonder if the divorce was so painful for him that he is rejecting his faith and reaching out to others things. Since the conversation ended badly, I probably would not bring up faith any more to him because from what you described it will just end in a bitter argument which won’t help the lines of communication any more.

You could show him parts in the bible where it shows that there is only one God. Evangelize to him the Catholic faith by using the bible ,but especially by being an example of a virtuous person. Pray, that your dad has a deep conversion.

It is very sad that your dad has reached this point in his life. New Age is dangerous, very dangerous. It’s not that it is far away from the Truth, it actually apes the truth completely. They are not just far away from the Holy Spirit, they go into contact with evil spirits. Read what exorcists say about New Age, look up the New Age index on Women of Grace. You will find all that is wrong with reiki, yoga, and so many other new age practices.

Pray for him but at the same time learn to distance yourself from him, if he chooses to continue going in this direction he will become a very dangerous presence in your lives.

Pray for him and most of all pray the rosary!

Sister Faustina wrote in her diary about two visions she had. One was a beautiful field with flowers and people crossing it while dancing, singing and were happy, but they didn’t realize that at the end, was a precipice that lead straight to hell.

She had another vision were people were also crossing another path (narrow), with challenges, thorns, etc… but at the end of this road, it was heaven.

I feel New Ages does this, you get totally in awe, the world is beautiful and great, you are happy and but it is sadly the wide door that Jesus is talking about and lead you straight to hell. Your father will never see clearly with pet talking because he is beginning to have a new perspective completely walking happy in this field. Prayer is the way, keep praying for him and make sacrifices to make amend from this deception.

Blessings and love!
p.s I would do a Novana also.

No, your dad is wrong. But he’s being led away from the Church by his desires, maybe for sexual intimacy by that Native American woman…:blush: What a shame. Pray for him, and maybe get a green scapular for him, have it blessed. He doesn’t have to wear it, you can hide it somewhere in his belongings such as under his mattress or taped to the underside of a drawer, and then pray for him every day, I set up a reminder on my phone. “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” And you can put his name into “us sinners” as an option, that’s how I pray for my husband.

Stay strong and keep reminding him that he’s a Catholic, period. Depending on how far he goes, you may have to set some boundaries with your kids, as he could influence them in the wrong direction.

Some Catholic theologians, in the spirit of Ecumenism, interpret the passage about many rooms to mean different religions.

I happen to think they’re wrong. Taken in context, Christ is assuring the apostles that after He leaves, there will be a place in heaven for those who follow Him. The Lord is very clear about how He feels when a man forsakes Him in favor of the false god of a wife/girl friend. Refer your father to the story of Solomon.

Angel, you have to go by your heart, do you believe that your dad is an amicable person that can be trusted. He is on a spiritual journey seeking for his light, I just hope that he has found it, like all fathers you can only advise your children from what you have learned. If it is God he’s looking for, strangely you can probably find him in very strange places.

The main thing is that you fulfil your own spiritual journey seeking for your light that enlightens you to be a decent human being that does not harm others or put them under too much stress, you also have an obligation to fulfil as his child to show him love and respect if he has not failed you in anyway.

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