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I just read a book that offers scientific evidence that Noah’s Ark did exist. The evidence is amazing… only the ark isn’t quite how the bible described.


You can go to Amazon and use their “Search Inside” feature to read some pages. Here is my favorite quote from the book: “If Noah was really the name of the man who accomplished this effort, then imagine that person convincing his people to do it not just for themselves, but for the good of all, a monumental worldwide effort that still provides a benefit thousands of years later.”

So this book says Noah built up “arcs of land” on 4 different continents? How’d he get there?

The story of the Arc is didactic. I would never say it didn’t happen, but I don’t think that’s the purpose of its inclusion in the Bible. You have to understand the genres and the historical context in order to understand this story.

The book didn’t say how Noah reached all the continents, it only offered lots of evidence of ancient populations of blond-haired people at the center of N.America, Australia, and Asia – 5000-year old mummies in Asia, Mandan indians in the center of America (who believed in an Ark/Deluge myth), and in the center of Australia almost 100% of the children are born with blond hair. At each of these locations is a large elevated arc-shaped plateau, which is just too weird to be coincedental, so the blond-haired people must have been there building them as a refuge from the flood.

Based on the detailed description of how Noah built the ark, it shows that he had the knowledge to build sea worthy boats, so maybe they were sailing further than we realize back in the time of Noah.

Why were the plateaus built in an arc shape?

no this is not scientific evidence, it is one theory among many, which picks and chooses among available data and twists its interpretation to fit a preconceived theory. hardly the scientific method.

Regarding Catholic Sam’s question,
I don’t remember reading any reason why the plateaus were arc shaped, but there was a chapter in the book with a “theory” on why all the arcs are 120 degrees. 120 degrees is a third of a circle. 1/3 can be written as .333. The good, holy people can have refuge from the flood in the 120 raised arc, so they are saved and 333 would become lucky and good to them, hence the expression “good things come in threes”. The bad people, the sinners, do not get refuge in the arc and are left out in the remaining 2/3rds of the circle, or the .666 section. 666 then becomes associated with evil and the devil.

Does the book use “science” to tear apart the bible’s story of Noah, or does it support it? I searched the internet for Noah’s Ark and the author’s name, MOEN, and found this YouTube video, but even that doesn’t make his intentions clear.

If you think that’s funny, you have to see the History Channel coverage of the ark.

At one point they surmise that to survive for that time “Noah” must have had a lot of beer with him to drink – so he and his extended family were apparently quite intoxicated by the time land came around??

You can read my review, my comments and some of my experiences with this 333 Phenomenon:

Possibly The Strangest and Most Interesting Well Presented Book I Have Read

This is a follow-up to my, Jerry Diamond’s, review of Alan Moen’s book on Noah’s Ark.

In the year 2000 I had a vision of a young family of refugees coming through the woods,
and seeing them finding a home that they never knew existed before they saw it, but which had been built for them -or whoever found it first.

That simple vision led to a three day marathon of ideas pouring through my mind on how to prepare an ARK, an entire region as an ARK,
with the express purpose to help people get out of the cities and into a safe region where they could grow their own food, etc.
I took notes on the flood of ideas pouring through my mind, virtually non-stop waking and sleeping for three entire day and nights.
I ended up making it into a book, and putting up a website. The site is howtogetoutofbabylon.com.

For the last fourteen long lonely years, I have relentlessly pursued that vision -how to inform as many people as possible,
all across the nation, in as many areas as possible ie, shelter, survival, food production, preservation, etc,
to increase their chances of surviving a national and even world-wide level calamity.
This grew to literally hundreds, even thousands of topics, an extensive attempt -as best I could manage
-with limited resources and skills -to prepare a place for millions of refugees.
This also came to involve a tremendous amount of insight and research on the question of where to go,
into an ever crystallizing message that there is one major place of refuge on the Continental US (CONUS).
That place is part of the US Interior Highlands, and is the Ozark Plateau.
Initially, I saw that it was shaped like a parallelogram.
Oddly enough, after reading Moen’s book, I realized that it was shaped like a Diamond,
and that it consisted of two facing (opposed) 120 Degree Arcs.
I talked to the author, Alan Moen on the phone, and I asked him if he had seen that “coincidence,” and he had.
In addition, he pointed out that if you bisected the the two, the line points to Turtle Mountain. Strange!!!
I gave him my phone #. He immediately pointed out that it has the 333 in it. Strange again!!!

I wrote a Manifesto For The Ozark Plateau of over 100 points that show that it is the best place to relocate to before,
or in the event of, a national level economic / social disaster, earth catastrophe, foreign invasion, etc…

Here is what I see in all of this:
There is a national ARK /ARC. That is The Ozark Plateau.
It is comprised of two facing 120 Degree / .333 ARCS facing each other.
It is the only geometric shape to be found on the CONUS.
It is technically a Rhombus. In simple terms, it is a Diamond.
It is a Green Island Of Survival and can be clearly seen on Google Earth from anywhere from 500 to 20,000 Miles altitude.
It is in the center of the CONUS and will become the go-to place of refuge as Earth Changes,
Astronomical Events, Economic and Civil Breakdown, and eventually, Invasion from both Coasts and both Borders occur.
These will drive people inland as described in George Washington’s Valley Forge Vision:

“Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one.
And throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud,
marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of cloud.
And I dimly saw those vast armies devastate the whole country and burn villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up.
My ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords and the shouts and cries of millions
in mortal combat as her defenders were driven inland into a wedge-shaped pattern.”

The Ozark Plateau is a “wedge shaped pattern” whether viewed from the East, West, North, or South; it is formed of four wedges.
There is far more to this than can be even summed up here, so…“The long and the short of it”…

I have said to thousands of people for many years now; “Drive Now Or Walk Later.”
“Be a part of the solution, instead a part of the problem.”
“Move here now, under the best of conditions -with all of your resources, rather than with little or none of your resources, or worse, with nothing but the shirt on your back, and under the worst of circumstances.”
That was the condition of the young family in my vision back in the year 2000 that touched off my 14 years of research and planning on how to prepare an Ark, a Green Island of Survival for up to 40 Million Refugees.

With the myriads of 333 phenomena happening to people, my message to those people who have ears to hear is this;
It is time to get on board the ARK!!!

More info is here:


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