A converts marriage


I hope this is posted in the correct area. I figured since it's a topic about marriage, the vocations section would be the best option.

A Baptist couple is married in their church. They're both baptised. A few years down the road they decide to convert to the Catholic Faith. They go through RCIA and are brought into the Church during Easter. They have never been married prior to their marriage.

My question is whether the Catholic Church finds their marriage to be valid? Do they have to get remarried in the Church?

Also, what if instead of the couple being Baptist they were Atheist and were married by a Justice of the Peace?

If you need more information on the scenario just ask.



I could be wrong, but I’m 99% certain that their marriage is and was a valid Sacramental marriage by virtue of their baptism, and so they do not have to get remarried in the Church.

In this case, after that couple are baptized, their marriage automatically becomes Sacramental.

While they were unbaptized, their marriage was a valid natural marriage only, not a Sacrament.


Fone Bone 2001 is correct. :thumbsup:


Thanks! I’m still learning about the faith and that was something that popped in my head.


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