A couple of my favorite Catholic movies

A couple of my favorite movies that have some faith Catholic style seem off the radar of most. The Maldonado Miracle and The Mission. Does anyone have a comment or some insight?

The Mission is definitely one of my all time favourites. Enrico Morricone’s score is probably one of the best ever for film - ‘Gabriel’s oboe’.

I saw “The Mission” in college - it was well done.

Another forgotten classic: Babette’s Feast. I don’t know if it is strictly speaking a “Catholic” movie. But the protagonist is definitely Catholic.

I am not familiar with that one. Give me a little info.

Babette’s Feast - I believe it is a Belgian film, set in Denmark or some other Northern European country in 19th century - a couple of strict Protestant (Lutheran?) sisters hire a French housekeeper… they show her how to make their brown bread and boiled fish, blah blah blah. Then one day she has the opportunity to put a bit of her own personality and skills to use… turns out she can do much more than brown bread and boiled fish. They are very suspicious of it all, with her being a Papist and all. But it speaks to the notion of sacramentality (small s) as well as Sacrament (big S, i.e. Eucharist), and a Catholic view of the goodness and generosity of God and his creation, juxtaposed against this Protestant suspicion of anything enjoyable.

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