A couple of prayer intentions


Hey guys - all CAF prayer intentions remembered in my daily prayers and every Mass :crossrc:

Prayers for Father John, a local priest, who had his birthday yesterday. A wonderful, dedicated priest and an absolute blessing to the parish.

And for my niece Aly who’s having her First Communion this Sunday :getholy:

And also for an urgent special intention of mine, over the next 48 hours or so.


I’ll be praying for the both of them.:highprayer:


I will be praying for your intentions.




I’m leaving for work soon and I pray on my way there. You will be in my prayers this morning.


Here’s a Hail Mary for your intentions.


:byzsoc: :crossrc:


Thanks guys :grouphug:

Turns out it’s a combined first communion and confimation and it’s NEXT weekend :eek: :o

That’s what I get for having five nieces and two nephews - not terribly easy to keep track of 'em all!


Praying for all of your intentions.


Praying for all your intentions. Too many nephews and nieces - I get it.


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