A couple of questions about mass today


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This is licit.

See affirmative response from apologist Michelle Arnold, in Can a layperson give a talk after a short homily?

In my parish, we have, about four times a year, a short homily followed by an address from a layman or religious. These addresses are usually a report from a mission field, or the biannual fund-raiser.

If this were frequent and/or without an apparent justification, then you would have some cause for concern, but once in a while, for a good reason, is acceptable.


Thanks for clarifying the issue.



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It sounds like the Mass you attended may have been a children's Mass. The Apostle's Creed may be said at a children's Mass, and the fact that a child's book was read after the homily sounds like they were trying to present something to the children's level.


I agree. Especially since this was the vigil Mass, it may be set up in this parish as a "younger children friendly" Mass time.

Both actions were licit and valid. The priest did preach a homily. The extra reading was likely meant to reinforce the message of the homily at a children's level. The Apostle's Creed is usually taught first in religious ed programs, so even the younger children would know it.

To the OP: Check directly with your parish priest next time if something at Mass concerns you. Often we are just guessing since no one here was at the same Mass with you. You may also not remember everything exactly as it happened, and yuou don't want to begin second-guessing what goes on at your parish based on the speculation of folks on the internet.



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It was stated that this was NOT the homily. It was was following the homily.


That's when you ask them how it allowed to add things AFTER the homily. :)



I should have stated, this church isn't a parish I usually attend, so I suppose I can't say whether this was a normal occurrence or a one-time deal. That being said, as far as I could tell there was really no obvious indication that this was a children's mass. It may have been, but I'm pretty sure the bulletin didn't say so.
Thanks for all the good answers, guys!


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