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I was reading somewhere that Israel of 2500 yrs ago is not the Israel of today. Why is that? This is part of what i was reading
" Who are the “*godless” in the psalm? In the meeting, verse 1, they may be Israel’s rulers. But also, they may be the bad *angels that make other rulers and kings do bad things. It is important to understand that Israel in the psalm is the Israel of 2500 years ago, not of today."

Also I thought Gabriel.was a good angel as he visited Mary.

Many thanks in advance.

Well, I am pretty sure that ancient Israel and modern Israel are in the two states but the ancient Israel kind of disappeared for a long time I think and then the new state of Israel was formed some time after World War II I believe.

Many thanks for that. Also what about Gabriel. Iwas a good angel as he visited Mary. From what i have read Gabriel is a bad angel. Is that correct?

Hmmm… I’ve not read or heard anywhere that Gabriel was a bad angel…:confused:

Gabriel is a good angel. In fact, he’s often referred to as St. Gabriel.

What have you been reading?

St. Gabriel is one of God’s favored angels. He brought messages from God to both the prophet Daniel and the Virgin Mary. Some scriptural interpretation associates him with the last angel with a trumpet in the Book of Revelation.

It sounds like you might be reading some weird Islamic or anti-Islamic site, because some Muslims do claim that the Jews never lived in Israel, and that pretty much the entire Bible took place in Arabia. Also, of course Mohammed claimed that Gabriel brought him revelations also, but that “Gabriel” didn’t act much like our Gabriel.

this is the link

Its about half way down.
“Psalm 82 may be about another meeting like this. God is meeting some of the *angels that have power in the world. They get the rulers of the world to do bad things. These *angels are not good *angels like Gabriel. They are bad *angels *like *Satan. Bible students call them “fallen *angels” or “bad *spirits”. In the psalm, God says that he wants the rulers of the world to be good to poor people. There are two more questions to answer:”

I’m really not following you at all. This commentary says Gabriel is a “good angel”.

This is not a Catholic bible site, so I really suggest you get a good Catholic commentary. You can also read the bible online with some commentary at the USCCB website. Non-Catholic commentary may have interpretation and explanation that is at odds with Church teaching. You cannot rely on it.

But in this case I don’t see anything that would lead you to the conclusion that Gabriel was a “bad angel”.

Sorry it’s me, I read it wrong. I’m not the best reader. I’ll problebly get struck down for writing the above comment on here. A great start to be religious.
Thanks for all your help.

God won’t punish you for trying to find him, for seeking him, and for trying to learn about him and everything he created.

Keep asking questions, and don’t ever let anyone tell you to stop.


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