A couple questions

I’m new to the site and don’t really know what threads have been posted and where so if you need to merge this thread by all means do so.

I am in search of two things and a hoping someone here could help.

One, Catholic hymns, like the ones you hear in church not like the ones sung by popular singers because it doesn’t really give me that old fashioned Catholic church feel like I usually get at my older parish before I moved.

Two, I have been desperately seeking a large picture of our lady of Guadeloupe for my mother because she is in love with the picture. The thing is I don’t want the popular versions, there is one specific one I’d like and its the one where she has gold around here, not yellow, but a golden color. It was at my old parish at St.Florian’s down in Detroit if anyone knows what I’m talking about. I’m looking to buy a big one thats framed if anyone knows where or has a link I’d really appreciate it because I want it as a birthday present for my mother.

Thank you in advance

I agree. I personally enjoy Gregorian Chat. However, perhaps you might be thinking a little more modern. If so, try here. They have the modern stuff :rolleyes: but they have the more traditional music as well. :slight_smile:

Is this it?

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