A Covenant to God or not...?


Hey there,
I hope I'm not being scrupulous, but I got a question.

Uhm...A while ago, I would sometimes eat too much at one time, and one day I ate till I almost maybe felt sick & I felt really guilty and I may have said to God, that I will not do it again! or I wont eat too much!...
Well, on Thanksgiving, I did it again, & I felt guilty that I may have said this in the past, and I broke what I said to God.

Can you tell me (still hoping I'm being scrupulous) -just concerned -- Is that sort of thing, considered a "covenent"? Or, does one have to promose God something, in order for it to be one?
Would something like this be considered a sin?

Thanks - & Happy Thanksgiving!


I think our Abba Father understands out human frailty and the desires of our flesh nature...The flesh is always at war with the spiritual side...Self control is a fruit of the Spirit...We are temples of the Holy Spirit so we are to do our best to care for our temple..Overweight is a plague today with what's in our food and the mount of it we consume...We stumble, we fall , we get up...He is faithful to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness...I have health problems from a work accident and am disabled..I always weighted between 120/135...Now without exercising I had to reduce something to keep the weight regular...We eat smaller portions and eat healthier food..I miss alot of things but I'm getting over it..Somethings she can make a healthier version...Remember the Lord knows your struggles...Ask Him for help to find others to help you..Remembers your not alone..We all deal with trials and temptations of different things .. May the Lord help you in your struggles..


Technically speaking, you haven't made a Covenant because it was not witnessed properly. You cannot give an oath to yourself. Someone of appointed authority must administer it to you. If you are worried that you have broken a promise, then take it up in confession like every other vice, but you need not worry about being held to your word on the level of a vow or something similar. We all promise to amend our lives in contrition, but then we also need to return for more no matter what we do.

You'll be fine.


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