A crevice in the soul


St. Francis de Sales said “It is good to have a crevice in the soul and fill it with repentence; then you can grow there any virtue you please.”

I can’t count the times I’ve asked God to “weed out” those sins I grow in my “secret garden”, those sins I quite frankly don’t want to give up. It is just so hard to trust that if I let Him do so that He will indeed plant something there that is far more beautiful and will give far more joy than any secret “pleasure” I may get of my own doing.

When human beings let us down on such a consistent basis, it is really hard to conceive of really trusting that God will do what He says He will do. That if we turn our hearts over to Him that He will make them hearts of love rather than the hearts of stone we make to “protect” ourselves.

That He will create in them a crevice of repentence where we can grow–or maybe rather let Him grow–the virtues that will genuinely bring peace to us and those we love.

I’m going to really try for the rest of this lenten period to weed out at least one more little crevice for Him. I’ve been blessed to see some of the things He plants in those places and I’m gaining just a wee bit of trust that He will be faithful to His word.



Go for it! :thumbsup:


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