A cure for cancer?


Anyone hear about this? Any legitimacy?

The problem is that it is not owned by the Global Capitalists so it will never get the hearing that it deserves.

Further more, the Socialists who are in a parasitic relation ship with the Global Capitalists (that why I call the current form of Capitalism either Capitalistic Socialism or Socialistic Capitalism) that anyone who promotes it will be actively persecuted and punished and they will try to steal it and make it their own discovery.

Have you been reading Malachi Martin?

Nope. I do not read garbage.

I consider myself a Distributist.

Sounds like a total scam. Do you know of any peer-reviewed articles in reputable medical publications? If its been around for that long, there should be something other than “testimonials”.

“reputable medical publications” will not touch it for fear of angering the “drug lords” (i.e. the large pharmaceutical companies).

Okay…No comment on that one. I’d side with the scam opinion, too… All the site needs is a flashing message “19.99” or “Operators standing by.” I’d steer clear.

It seems that there was some cancer news of some kind of the holidays, but I can’t seem to find it now.

There’s no answer to the fears of conspiracy theorists.

But anything made out of soy and sunflowers has just got to kill cancer, balance the federal budget, and end the War.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was anti-catholicism at work here. It could be a serious Catholic that came up with the cure for cancer and still nobody (in the media) wants to say that’s a good thing. After all, the largest charitable institution in the world is the Catholic Church and nobody (in the media) wants to say that’s a good thing.

Just another type of media bias.

are you suggesting that the press would cover up a cure for cancer because a catholic developed it? I don’t see the catholic papers raving about this scam.

As a rule of thumb, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

There are too many scams going around. The guys pushing this stuff are saying we’ll believe it when we see the results.

Yes, we will. Let us know.

The company name I was searching for was Genta Inc. (GNTA) which is running the FDA approval gauntlet currently regarding a promising drug for melanoma patients. Anyone who studies the resources involved in bringing a drug like this to the market will have a new appreciation for the industry (imperfect as it is).

I find it hard to believe that it could be used to mark the cells as cancerous for the immune system to know to kill the cell, while at the same time not harming the other cells. Then at the same time it can also work to increase the number of stem cells.

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