A daily habit of mine


For those who might need a brief 3-5 minute daily refreshment, LOYOLA PRESS ( a Jesuit Ministry) offered a daily 3 minute retreat at this website:


Click on the box for the three minute retreat. This has become part of my daily routine


Thank you…excellent site!:thumbsup: …Blessings - Barb:)


I have included your link into the Daily Prayer and Liturgy thread which is updated daily every month and will include your link each day every month see here and totally presupposing it would be ok with you!:o Trust that it is!:o

Blessings - Barb:)


Love it! :tiphat: Thanks… Bookmarked! For daily access.



Perfectly OK with me, and glad to be of help. I don’t know about anyone else around here, but I need to learn and re-learn the lesson of SLOWING DOWN at intervals. Sites like this are a blessing to overachievers like me.


Thanks so much. Awesome.


Thank you!


Thank you


Hi again Andruschak…This is not only a ‘bump’ for your thread, but to thank you very much indeed again for sharing this site. These meditations which can take really only 3 minutes or even more if one wishes are just absolutely wonderful. I not only have included them into the Daily Prayer and Liturgy thread from August onwards and a new thread every month and into my own personal prayer life too, I have put the link into my signature, and each time the theme for the day changes, I enter that new theme into my signature too.
I would like to spread the word …it really is very productive spirtually for me and no burden on my time, since it can be quite brief - personal choice really…thanks heaps again:thumbsup: …

…so …“A B I G B U M P”…for this thread…which I think is against the rules…

Blessings and regards…Barb:)


Thanks for sharing this Andruschak (and for bumping it Barb). :smiley:


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