A Dark Fifth Column Within The Catholic Social Justice Movement

I would be very interested in having someone from Gamaliel explain to me how “lying” has any part in “social justice.”

A Dark Fifth Column Within The Catholic Social Justice Movement
Gamaliel’s Secret Ties to Obama Continue to Cast Shadows

The Devil is very devious and takes advantage of any opportunity. If we lower our guard he is fast at catching it and bring us to his dominion.

Politics has no place in catholic doctrine. It should be canon law that you should
renounce all political affiliations before serving on catholic chanceries.:frowning:

While I don’t wish to condone any offence, lying is part of most politics. The lying isn’t the most remarkable and shocking detail here: the blatant Obama-worship (Obamalatry?) is what really gets my goat. How can anyone call themselves Catholic and offer up that kind of blasphemous conduct? :mad:

My brother emailed me to let me know that a group calling themselves "Catholic for Obama had a full page ad in a Cincinnati newspaper. He gave me their email address so I went there to see what they were portraying. Number one thing I saw is “Is Obama Pro-Life : YES!” Then the page went on to say how he’s pro life for the poor, underpriveledged, etc. The link to post a comment had been disabled! What a surprise! There are lots and lots of Catholics in name only. baptised in infancey, but haven’t been in a church in years except for a photo op and have no idea what the Church actually teaches. Our only defense is to learn and teach the Catholic faith ourselves at every opportunity. We are all called to be a witness for Christ and His truth. don’t forget to pray, fast and do penance.

While it’s probably a bit of a stretch, I always thought the “Obama as antichrist” argument had some truth to it, albeit not in the way that most people were addressing it through etymological torture, etc. Consider how much of a sense of “salvation” and “delivery” a lot of people placed on Obama, even though he really had done nothing before his election to demonstrate any capacity to satisfy these expectations. Also, consider this from the Catechism: “The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.” (CCC, 675) and “The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment.” (CCC, 676) Obviously, Obama did nothing to play down those expectations and instead encouraged them through his pseudo-cult of personality.

In other words, Obama acted in an antichrist-ian way by trying to glorify himself as an earthly delivery of salvation, something which was hardly discouraged by many of his followers.

George W. Bush was called the Antichrist by some of his detractors as well. :rolleyes:

Calling someone “The Antichrist” is akin to comparing someone to Hitler. As soon as you do it, you’ve completely jumped the shark and lost all credibility with anyone who might otherwise have taken you seriously.

Well said! (And I never thought I’d see “jump the shark” here on CAF!) :thumbsup:

To put it another way: someone who’s got 48-50% of voters against him can’t possibly be the antichrist, whether it’s Bush or Obama.

And the Antichrist, when he comes, will not need a teleprompter. :smiley:

While I find Obama-worship disgusting, it’s not too different from all the other forms of “hero worship” that are prevalent in society these days. (And I have to live with this **** all the time; some film stars, especially in my state, are very much part of the pantheon!!)

Hitler had other ideas besides killing all the Jews. He was a charismatic politician that manipulated peoples’ thinking with lofty rhetoric and oratory, and he never would have gotten into office on a program of the Holocaust.

“Many people may have voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because of his charisma. But anyone familiar with the disastrous track record of charismatic political leaders around the world in the 20th century should have run for the hills when they encountered a politician with charisma.” – Thomas Sowell

If I recall correctly, Michael Voris went after those types.

I’d be interested in that. Do you remember the link?

Seeing as it’s late here in Manila, I’ll post the links tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Just for the record:

  1. I did not say Obama was the antichrist, only that people who invoke messianic themes are treading on dangerous ground, as are the people who support those themes. Unless I’ve completely reading comprehension, the Catechism seems relatively clear in that as well. FWIW, the Beatles were described as “antichrist/anti-christ” by their manager back in 1964 or so.

  2. I didn’t care much for what I called “Jesus Bush Syndrome,” either, and the way some people approached him was not unlike the way some Obama supporters act. The worst was when my cousin once said “Thank God for President George W. Bush.” Huh?

  3. Messianic politicians and those willing to follow them are a common problem in human history and generally tend to lead to a less than pleasant outcome once people start putting unlimited faith in their fellows humans. I always liked the Iron Maiden song “The Legacy” as an indictment of people who make claims of their intentions that are 180 from their intent, particularly when it comes to invoking peace and justice.

  4. The first person to mention Hitler or the Nazis in an argument has violated Godwin’s Law and thereby loses the discussion. :wink:

Right. :thumbsup:

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