A Dead Tree...

A while back I was visiting with my LDS friend. I love it how both of us can talk about God and we respect each other’s religion. At one point of a conversation she stated to me how silly it was to have sooooo many prodastant religions that derived from the Church. I agreed, christians should be (at least more) united. She then said that you can’t take a branch from a dead tree and make it live again…(dead tree meaning Catholic Church). That burns… Is this is how the Church is viewed?
For being “dead” we’re not doing too shabby… 2000+ years and counting… How is it that Christ’s Church is dead? The “apostasy”? … I know that didn’t happen. That was already explained to me before (but don’t ask me to recite it…ask the apologetic pros!).

Well, from what I have been told these last nine years is that, not only is the tree dead, but the Pope unequivocably knows it , thus denying any chance that he actually believes that what he is doing is right, even if misguided; therefore he is actively participating in the RCC “lie”.

Granted, this is from members, not anything I have ever seen (well, heard really) from an official or otherwise church source. So, it is just another of an endless list of “folk” beliefs wandering the mormon church stemming from other historical church teachings that the current church does not want anyone to promugate.

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