A Demon or the Holy Spirit

So you heard your own voice through your ears, made by your mouth, tell you what to do about your sin?

Yes exactly. Only I wasn’t choosing to speak.

And it still happens on a daily basis.

Some people talk to themselves outloud. I have worked in an office where that happened often.

Yes and I do too, but that is when I am choosing to move my tongue and use my mouth.

In the case that I am addressing, I am not choosing to do it. It happens without my say so.

There is involuntary talking. This has various causes which should be investigated before suspecting spirits.

It’s premature to say this. You may think it’s an evil spirit but without the Church having investigated and discerned this, no one (including you) can say this.
Right now the facts are that there are times when you perceive yourself to be out of physical control of your body. You’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition and treated for it and are still experiencing symptoms. Those are the facts. Anything else at this point is speculation.

This is stuff that needs to be investigated, as others have said, by qualifed medical practioners, especially to rule out possibly physical cause of this. None of us here should venture to give advice on that.

And with that we should wish the OP luck and hope he finds much needed help.

You didn’t come to CAF seeking health advice. Let’s assume you have done/are doing everything to cover that aspect.

The sacraments are very powerful against the devil. Fr. Fortes, an exorcist, teaches that Confession is the best exorcism.

Sacramentals are powerful. Avail yourself to holy water, Saint Benedict medals, blessed salt, and whatever you can acquire.

Prayer is part of the answer. Use the rosary and find Catholic deliverance prayers.

Seek help from a priest.

Call your diocese, tell them you are having a problem and want to speak with an exorcist. If they don’t have one, they may have a deliverance ministry. They’ll put you in touch.

The “why” could be important, but not necessarily. Have you had any cult involvement? It must be rejected. Any unconfessed serious sin? Any habitual sin? Stop sinning. Any family members involved in occult? Any family who may have had similar problems? If “no”, then don’t be too concerned. The remedy will be the same.

I will pray for you.

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It’s important to note that the Church distinguishes between demonic possession and mental illness. Your options aren’t “either a demon or the Holy Spirit”; non-demonic mental illness has been established even as far back as the Early Church Fathers.

There have been two tests generally used in the Fathers for demonic possession:

But from contemporary elders’ specific statements and from reading between the lines in the lives of saints, it seems that there are two fairly reliable tests – Does the person react violently to holy things (especially if these holy things are hidden from view), and does he have knowledge of events that he could not reasonably be expected to have?

But again, whether or not someone is suffering from demonic affliction can only be discerned by the Church. So even if the OP believes they are or have experienced the above, he or she still needs to speak with her pastor and go from there.
Right now, the OP’s statements on this thread suggest that the OP is already convinced that he or she is suffering from a demonic affliction and not a mental illness.

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