A Demonstration of the Immaculate Conception


A Demonstration of the Immaculate Conception from the Ten Commandments and from Aspects of the Trinity

Summary: If Jesus Christ is our Savior, then He fulfilled the Ten Commandments perfectly. Since Jesus is God, he is true to the Commandments for all eternity, including when creating his own mother, by whom he would enter into his humanity. In the open-ended Commandment to honor father and mother, Jesus is unsurpassed in a) His love for Mary and b) His available resources for honoring her - which include graces anticipated from his atoning death on a cross. Since Mary is unique in being created with God’s loving commitment to unconditionally honor her, she must have been honored in her creation with at least as much honor as anyone else, and since Adam and Eve were created without original sin, so also Mary was created - Immaculately Conceived.

Demonstration with some details:
__IC Step 1) If Jesus Christ is our Savior and the unblemished Lamb of God, then he followed the Ten Commandments perfectly. Therefore, he followed the Commandment to honor your father and your mother.
__IC Step 2) Jesus Christ, true God and true man, commits (in love) to unconditionally honoring a human person, his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
__IC Step 3) The person of Jesus Christ is eternal, the same in the past, present, and future.
The person of Christ is in the eternal now.
__IC Step 4) It follows from IC Steps 2 and 3 that the person of Jesus Christ is true to the Commandment to honor Father and Mother for all eternity, which includes the “time” for the creation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
__IC Step 5) There is no other Commandment under which Jesus or another divine person commits to unconditionally honoring a human person even before their creation.
__IC Step 6) From IC Steps 4 & 5, the Blessed Virgin Mary is, uniquely, the sole human person to be unconditionally honored, under the Commndments, by God in her creation.
__IC Step 7) The Commandment to honor your father and your mother is open-ended, in that the observable fulfillment depends upon a) the generosity of one’s heart, b) the resources available at one’s disposal, and c) the appropriateness of the honor.
As illustrative examples, a pauper might fulfill the Commandment by giving one of his few remaining pennies to provide sustenance for a destitute parent, while a rich king would not fulfill the Commandment by giving a few pennies to a destitute parent. On the other hand, if a mother is of infirm mind, it may not be appropriate for a wealthy king to give his mother all she requests, as it may lead to her ruin.
Note that obedience to father and mother attains to a high level of honoring them because it corresponds to making all of one’s resources available to the parents with complete generosity of will. Obedience to Mary was not possible prior to her creation, but in scripture there is evidence for Jesus’ obedience to her in Luke 2:51: “And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them.”
__IC Step 8) Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is love. Therefore, he is completely generous in bestowing all available and appropriate honors upon the Blessed Virgin Mary.
__IC Step 9) Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is all-powerful. Resources available for Jesus to create the Blessed Virgin Mary (from IC Step 7-b) include 1) the resources used to create all other human persons and 2) anticipated benefits accruing from his atoning death on a cross.
Scriptural evidence for Jesus dispensing anticipated graces includes His forgiving particular persons of their sins in the gospels prior to his atoning sacrifice (see for example Luke 5:23 or 7:28).
Some benefits accruing from Jesus Christ’s atoning death on a cross are particular graces needed to preserve one from sin (as for example, the grace of sobriety for would-be alcoholics).
__IC Step 10) From IC Step 5, Steps 4 & 6, Steps 8 & 9 & 7c, it follows that the Blessed Virgin Mary was honored in her creation at least as much if not more than any other human person - if the honors are appropriate.
__IC Step 11) Consider that Adam and Eve have the honor of being created without original sin.
__IC Step 12) From IC Steps 10 & 11, the Blessed Virgin Mary would be created (in love) without original sin - if the honor is appropriate.
Forgiveness of sins, remission of sins, and preservation from sin are always appropriate to God’s mercy. A self-check question on the resources required arises - can the preservation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from original sin be atoned for in God’s justice? The answer is yes because Christ’s sacrificial death on a cross is overwhelmingly adequate to preserve his mother from sin (and hopefully later us as well in heaven), and the certainty of this adequacy is sufficient to atone even in anticipation of the event.
Thus, the Blessed Virgin Mary was created (or from the first instant of her conception - conceived) without original sin through the anticipated merits of Jesus Christ on the cross, for at least the reason that she might be afforded the same honors of original purity as were Adam and Eve (other reasons exist, but such is the aspect of truth used in this demonstration).
This Immaculate Conception was dogmatically promulgated in 1854 by Pope Blessed Pius IX, in the Apostolic Constitution Ineffabilis Deus with an English translation of the most pertinent section as follows: “…the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin…”
Note that the above 12-step demonstration has included each salient point of the quoted section of the 1854-defined dogma. QED.


Except that Joseph was not immaculately conceived, and the commandment to “honour your father and mother” would also apply to Jesus’ foster father.


That’s far too much to read in a post. No need for any demonstrations.

The Immaculate Conception is true because its a Church dogma. That’s all we need to know.



Thanks be to the Magisterium of the Church, our authentic teacher of faith and morals.


Regarding St. Joseph, Jesus principally honors his (our) father in Heaven. The virtues of St. Joseph are not addressed in the original post.

There are many ways to “see” the coherence of scripture with the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and to “see past” the objections that have been raised against it. Tim Staples did a nice summary of this in his recent book Behold_Your_Mother. In this vision analogy, Church authority gives the accurate and reliable guidance for what is real (to be seen) and what are specious mirages. Since the dogmas on Mary are frequently cited as obstacles rather than aids to conversion of non-Catholic Christians to the Catholic faith, the goal of the original post is to charitably demonstrate the Immaculate Conception again - hopefully in a yet more compelling (albeit long) way.

To expand upon the original post - the demonstration can be summarized as
“If Jesus Christ is our Savior, then Mary was Immaculately Conceived.”
The logical equivalent (the contrapositive)- but with different emotional connotations of the assertion - is:
“If Mary was not Immaculately Conceived, then Jesus Christ is not our Savior.”
The contrapositive assertion could also be demonstrated from Church Authority.
From the contrapositive assertion, one can easily see the logical contradiction of denying the Immaculate Conception and still preaching Christ as Savior.
From the contrapositive assertion and the contradiction, the wisdom of St. Louis Marie de Montfort can also be appreciated: “… Mary has been unknown up till now, and that that is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ is not known as he should be.” (from the introduction to True_Devotion_to_Mary.

Thanks for the comments!


Another point about St. Joseph - since the Immaculate Conception is a “singular” privilege, it seems that
it can be concluded that St. Joseph is no so honored. This was in a sense, reiterated with the definite article
“the” in the private revelations at Lourdes, in which Mary gave her identity as “I am the Immaculate
Conception”. However, since John the Baptist was born without original sin, and Christ said of him in Luke
7:28 “I tell you, among those born of women, there is none greater than John; yet the least in the kingdom of
God is greater than he”, it allow the possibility that there could be an equal to John even prior to the kingdom - which may allow such an honor (born without original sin) to be given to St. Joseph.


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